Summary of Java EE review

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1. Brief description of Spring.

A) spring is a lightweight control inversion (IoC) and aspect-oriented (AOP) container framework designed to address the complexities of enterprise application development and to use basic JavaBean instead of EJBs. and provides more enterprise application capabilities.

b) Container:Spring contains and manages the configuration and lifecycle of the Application object, in this sense it is a container that accommodates and manages many objects.

c) With respect to the Ioc: control inversion, dependencies between objects are not created by the object itself, but are given by an external container.

d) About AOP: aspect-oriented programming is the extraction of a common function used by multiple objects in the system to detach from these objects, that is, to reduce the coupling between these objects, and to program this common function, through the container to apply common functionality to the system Multiple objects. For example: Log, declarative transactions can be implemented using AOP.

e) Features: Convenient decoupling, simplified development,AOP programming support, declarative transaction support, easy program testing, easy integration of various excellent frameworks and so on.

f) To sum up,Spring has the following advantages:

I. Low-intrusive design with very low code contamination

Ii. commitment to Write Once,run anywhere , independent of various application servers

Iii. Spring's DI (Dependency injection) mechanism reduces the complexity of business object substitution

Iv. Spring is not entirely dependent on spring, and developers are free to select part or all of the spring framework

2.What are the two ways to configure spring?


Summary of Java EE review

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