Summary of JSTL Standard functions

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Jstl Standard Functions

The declaration of a standard function must be introduced in the JSP before using these functions

<%@ taglib prefix= "FN" uri= "Http://"%>

The following is a list of the methods that are in JSTL and their descriptions

Name of function

Function description

Examples of Use


Determine if a string contains another string

<c:if test= "${fn:contains (name, SearchString)}" >


Determines whether a string contains another string ( case -insensitive )

<c:if test= "${fn:containsignorecase (name, SearchString)}" >


Determines whether a string ends with a different string

<c:if test= "${fn:endswith (filename,". txt ")}" >


Turn some characters into XML representations, such as < characters should be converted to <

${fn:escapexml (Param:info)}


The position where the substring appears in the parent string

${fn:indexof (Name, "-")}


Unites the data in the array into a new string and uses the specified character format to open the

${fn:join (Array, ";")}


Gets the length of the string, or the size of the array

${fn:length (Shoppingcart.products)}


Replace the character specified in the string

${fn:replace (Text, "-", "?")}


Segmentation the string according to the specified word

${fn:split (Customernames, ";")}


Determines whether a string starts with a substring

<c:if test= "${fn:startswith (," 100-")}" >


Get child string

${fn:substring (Zip, 6,-1)}


Gets the substring starting at the location of a character

${fn:substringafter (Zip, "-")}


Gets the substring from the beginning to the location of a character

${fn:substringbefore (Zip, "-")}


Convert to lowercase

${fn.tolowercase (}


Convert to uppercase characters

${fn. Uppercase (}


Remove spaces before and after a string

${fn.trim (name)}

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Summary of JSTL Standard functions

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