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Because the company has a lot of businesses and is designed to the client and web end, there are also various issues regarding the inability to log on. Today, fulong and fulong summarize some reasons why the web end cannot log on, all problems are from the on-site analysis and then summarized.

There are several reasons for Logon Failure:

1) https certificate untrusted

2) third-party cookies are disabled

3) Creating xmlhttpRequest is not supported.

4) Incorrect local time

5) Domain Name Hijacking

The following describes how to judge the above problems:

1) https certificate untrusted

This problem occurs on the client side, but it is also applicable to the web end. It depends on whether your logon interface uses https. If you do not use https, it is certainly not the cause, if we use the https interface, how can we determine whether the https certificate is invalid? Generally, there will be prompts as follows:

We can directly access the https url to see if a box is prompted for you to select, Or, similar to the above, this is the reason, using the fiddler method, it can also be determined flexibly.

2) third-party cookies are disabled

This is a configuration item of the browser. chrome is not selected by default, but safari is selected by default to disable the third cookie. If this is selected, it will not write cookies for some non-local domain names, but safari has some exceptions.

The main site has logged on once, exited, and then logged on to a non-Main Site domain. Even if you set this option to disable third-party cookies, you can still write cookies to a third party, however, if you manually clear all cookies, you cannot write cookies to a third party. This problem is usually identified by comparison,

Change the browser and try another computer. If someone else can log on to the computer, you can check the options of the browser.

Chrome's options are as follows:

Safari is set here:

Safari blocks third-party services by default.

3) The third reason

This is a problem that is detected by remote users. In fact, this does not have much to do with logon failure. However, if the logon is submitted using ajax, you can also check whether this is the cause, record it here.

4) Incorrect local time

It mainly refers to the expiration time of the cookie. We usually set a cookie expiration time. However, if the local time is changed, the cookie may become invalid and cannot be logged on.

5) Domain Name Hijacking

You can use the nslookup command line tool to understand it at a glance. Take Baidu as an example:


1) (nslookup use)

2) (what is,

3) (dns Service)

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