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Some time ago in the Webmaster tools to inquire from the site when the site was found to have been Baidu K dropped, although the site was a bit sad Baidu K, but in order to be able to avoid repeating my site webmaster These detours, so the website in Baidu K off, I summed up so a few experience to share with the webmaster, I hope you can lead the webmaster to learn!

1 Not too often modify the site keyword, or change the site template as well as the source code!

Believe that a lot of station webmaster will do such a thing, that is, regular changes to the Site keyword or template source code, and so on, although the purpose of the site is to make the best side of the site presented to users and search engines, but for Baidu is not a good thing, because it will think your site is unstable, So the number of changes or the extent of the big will certainly give your site some punishment. Therefore, the webmaster to avoid being Baidu punishment for the site, it is best not to casually modify the site, especially the site in the weight is not high in the case is not to change the site!

2 do not collect the content of other sites too, especially after the acquisition of the content is not modified!

The webmaster wants to do a website, then the content is essential, after all, users will visit your site will be in order to find the content of his needs, but rely on the webmaster to write the original content is far from enough, in order to allow the network to develop better, the webmaster must not go to collect the content of other sites, but the webmaster reproduced reproduced, Collection is collected, in the reprint or after collection, the webmaster is best for these collected or reproduced content slightly to modify, try to let these content to achieve false original effect, otherwise the site will be very easy to be Baidu as a garbage station, and once by Baidu as a garbage station, then

3 not in a short period of time to add too many outside the chain, especially the use of tool mass more can not be taken!

Regardless of the webmaster is to enhance the weight of the site, so that their own web site ranking by the front, in order to obtain a large number of traffic, or to be able to enhance the site's PR value, we have to add enough of the chain, but the webmaster should note that the addition of the chain is OK, but not in a short time to add too much, In particular, can not take advantage of those outside the chain of mass tools in the increase in the chain, otherwise not only to help the site, but also to punish the site, I think you webmaster also do not want their own site has been Baidu K off, or to love some other punishment it!

4 for space problems should be replaced early, do not hold on to endure the idea of a period of time is good!

For the importance of space, I think you are aware of the webmaster itself. Therefore, if the webmaster does not want the site to be punished by Baidu, then when the webmaster found that the space used by the site what problems, it is best to resolve in a timely manner, if the webmaster is no way to solve, the webmaster is best to buy a space host to replace the problem of space, do not hold on to endure this period of time, Or wait for me to make money in to buy a good point empty locust idea, because there is the idea of the webmaster, estimated that its site to now may be daily traffic but hundred, more likely not to make any money!

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