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1. Cannot connect to the Database. "invalid username or password"

Following are the probable causes for this error message:

A. the ADI sign on (security) has not been set up correctly (check this only
If this is a fresh install). Check the 3 cones on the bottom left of
Sign-On Window and cross check:
Connect string
Query on the database with help of DBA and check if the same are correctly
Setup $ fnd_top/secure/

B. the user name and passwords have been modified in the main applications
Database (check this only for non-frequent users). Check with the DBA if
Username and password have been changed recently.

C. The file sqlnet. ora file does not have the names. directory_path set
(Tnsnames). Set names. directory_path to (tnsnames) in sqlnet. ora file in
Client PC

D. If you are on 11.5.3 or above, please apply "server side" pre-req patch
1779336. Please note this is a server side patch and is port specific.

E. After applying patch 1779336, if you still encounter the same error,
Please upgrade to the latest version of Adi.

2. Cannot connect to the Database. "invalid username"

Verify that the username being entered is a valid username
And has not expired. If the username is determined to be correct
Then you will need to deinstall and then reinstall SQL * Net.

To deinstall/reinstall SQL * Net:

A. Launch the Oracle installer. Select your Oracle Home, location, etc.
B. On the right side of the software asset manager you will see
The Oracle software that is currently installed. Select SQL * Net Client
And then click the [remove] button.
C. On the left side of the Software Asset Manager screen, you will
See the choices available to you of products which can be installed.
Select SQL * Net client then click the [install] button. Note: If
You do not see SQL * Net client on the left side, you will need
To select the [from] button and navigate to either the CD
Or directory in which you can obtain this product.

This message cocould occur in a few different scenarios. The first
Scenario is that the username is actually invalid. The second
Cause of this problem is that SQL * Net is not making the correct
Connection and will need to be reinstalled. The third (ADI 7 only)
Is that you have not placed your tnsnames. ora and sqlnet. ora in
Both the % ORACLE_HOME %/Network/admin and the % ORACLE_HOME %/net80/admin
Directories on the local PC.

Ora errors

3. ORA-00942: Table or view does not exist

Grant Select Access to applsyspub for fnd_user_view and fnd_user:
Login to SQL * Plus as applsys/apps
SQL> grant select on fnd_user to applsyspub;
SQL> connect apps/apps
SQL> grant select on fnd_user_view to applsyspub;

Create synonyms in the applsyspub schema for apps. fnd_user_view and
Applsys. fnd_user:
Login to SQL * Plus as applsyspub/pub
SQL> Create synonym fnd_user for applsys. fnd_user;
SQL> Create synonym fnd_user_view for apps. fnd_user_view;

4. ORA-12545: TNS: Name Lookup failure when signing on to Adi. You also
Have Oracle Discoverer product installed.

If discoverer has it's own copy of tnsnames. ora and sqlnet. ora in it's
Directory structure, then find the files in the discoverer structure --
Look in the <discoverer_home> \ Network \ ADMIN directory. after renaming the two
Files, if they already exist in the following Adi directories, copy the ones
From discoverer over into the ADI directories and test.
<Adi_oracle_home> \ Network \ ADMIN & <adi_oracle_home> \ net80 \ admin

Automation errors

5. You are trying to sign on to ADI and receive the following error:
Outline: maingldi: dosignon
Source: oragldi32
Message: object variable or width Block Variable not set
Error number: 91

The Oracle Objects for OLE is conflicting or incorrect. To resolve this
Problem, apply the following steps:
A. Bring up the Oracle installer.
B. Select the Oracle Objects for OLE (any found ).
C. Hit the Remove button to deinstall these items.
D. Insert the ADI install CD.
E. From Oracle installer, select the from buttons to find the CD-ROM.
F. navigate to the appropriate folder for the platform and select
. PRD file for that platform (window 95 or NT ).
G. select only the Oracle Objects for OLE (runtime) item.
H. Hit the Install button.
I. When installed, exit installer and reboot the machine.

6. You are trying to sign on to ADI and receive the following error:
Routine: maingldi: dosignon
Source: gldi32
Message automation error
Error numbers-2147417851

Check to see that the file nl80.dll is in the <adi_home> \ bin or system32 folder.
If it exists, test to ensure it is not upt (see Note: 215800.1 how
Check for incompatible files)

7. After a number of consecutive responsibility changes within the same Adi
Session, you receive the following error:
Symptom: routine: maingldi: dochangeresponsibility
Source: oragldi32
Message: automation error
Error number:-2147417851

The number of responsibility changes required before failure is generally three
Or more. Bug 2537137 addresses this issue. This bug has been fixed in Adi 7.1.19.
Please upgrade to the latest Adi version.

8. You are trying to sign on to ADI and receive the following error:
An upexpected error has occurred in Adi
Routine: maingldi: dosignon
Source: oragldi32
Message: automation error
Error number:-2147417851

The nls_lang set on the Desktop client does not match the one set on the database.
For example, if the nls_lang on the database is set
American_america.we8iso8859p1 on the database, it must also be set
American_america.we8iso8859p1 on the Desktop client.

9. You are trying to sign on to ADI and receive the following error:
Procedure maingldi: dosignon
Source: oragldi32
Message: OLE automation error

Make sure that no other Oracle applications are in use on the PC.

Start the Oracle installer and check if there are two installed
Components called 'oracle objects for olean' and 'oracle objects for Ole
(Runtime )'.

If they are installed, uninstall both of them and restart the PC.
Install only 'oracle objects for OLE (runtime) 'using the adi cd or downloaded
ADI installation files. Restart the PC and try Adi again.


10. Adi shows SysAdmin responsibilities after applying patches 2782945,2778660

This issue has been fixed in patch 2921807. This patch is available for download
On Metalink.

11. Trying to setup Adi in a RAC/TAF environment. Fixing ing error:
Ora 12197: TNS: keyword-value resolution error when trying to sign on to instance.
Is Adi supported in the RAC/TAF environment using load balance?

The setup for Adi is not supported. Following is the explanation:

ADI development has done some preliminary investigation into the ADI tech Stack
Compliance to TAF. During discussions with the groups in Oracle that own
And maintain the Client technology stack it was determined that one of the core
Components is not TAF compliant. These facts and conclusion are presented
The customer to consider.

1. Oracle Objects for OLE (oo4o) 8.0.6 which is used by ADI to connect to
Database does not support TAF connections.
2. oo4o introduced TAF support in version.
3. Adi team has previusly attempted to upgrade to a later version of oo4o
Than 8.0.6 without success. It is thought that there are problems with
Excel macro environment in which case upgrading the tech stack is not be
Viable Option.

Conclusion-the tech stack that ADI is currently certified against will only
Allow non-TAF connections to be made.

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