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This article summarizes the majority of users in the use of ipve database is the emergence of a client connection times ORA-01019 error collection summary, there is a need for friends can refer.

In. net + oracle development, when publishing web programs, there will be this error ora-01019

ORA-01019 unable to allocate memory in the user side
Cause: The user side memory allocator returned an error.

Action: Increase the size of the process heap or switch to the old set of CILS.

Or error. The context cannot be obtained from the process.

This error is caused by a bug in oracle or microsoft. (In fact, the access permission Control for iis is too high ).


1. Add the access permission of the network services user group to the ORACLE_HOME directory and inherit the permission from the subdirectory. Restart the machine.

2. Improve the application pool corresponding to the virtual path and execute the user's permissions. (This method is considered unsafe)

This error sometimes indicates that you need to install the oracle7.13 client or later. The solution is the same as above.


Question 2

In the 64-bit Windows 8 Enterprise Edition environment, we connected the Oracle11g server for two days. We will share the process for your reference.

Local Environment:

1. SERVER: Oracle 11g R2 64-bit, installation path E:/Org12


2. Client:

(1) Instant Client, lightweight, installation path E:/Oracle11/client

(2) 32-bit Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) with Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio, installation path E:/Org12/Product/11.2.0/client_1

Http:// SsSourceSiteId = otncn

Use three client tools to connect to the Oracle server. Result:

First: the SQL Deveploer tool that comes with Oracle is basically no problem! No client configuration is required.


Second, use PL/SQL 9.0 to connect. copy the server's XXapporacleproduct11.2.0servernetworkADMINtnsnames. ORA file to the networkADMIN of client (1) and delete unnecessary parts. The retained content is roughly as follows:


The Code is as follows: Copy code
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = localhost) (PORT = 1521 ))

Start PL/SQL as follows

The Code is as follows: Copy code

Set Path = E:/Oracle11/client
Rem server path: E: Org12product11.2.0dbhome _ 1BIN
Set ORACLE_HOME = E:/Oracle11/client
Set TNS_ADMIN = E:/Oracle11/client
Start E:/Oracle11/PL_ SQL/plsqldev.exe now OK.

I have been searching for this problem online for a long time and tried many solutions, but my final solution is:

1. Delete the Oracle server. You can search for the server online and delete it;

2. Delete ODAC and all components;

3. Retain the Instant Client and its installation directory, mainly networkADMINtnsnames. ORA.

4. reinstall the Oracle server;

The connection to all clients is normal now!


1. At first, I suspected it was a bug caused by the 64-bit Oracle driver path (x86). The final conclusion is that the same machine should not be installed with two Oracle clients, the server + client is not recommended, which may cause some potential problems for unknown reasons.

2. The 64-bit Oracle Server + 32-bit Oracle client may have some potential problems, preferably 32-bit to 32-bit.

3. When installing Oracle 11g R2 EX, "e: Org12apporacleproduct11.2.0serverbin;" will be added before the environment variable Path. Note that there are two semicolons. You must delete one; I don't know if this is a program installation BUG?

Question 3

Today, the development of colleagues encountered this ORA-1019 error.
The detailed error message is:

Microsoft ole db Provider for ODBC Drivers error '20140901'
[Microsoft] [ODBC driver for Oracle] [Oracle] Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-01019
/Includes/data_func.asp, row 12

The Oracle document describes this error as follows:

ORA-01019: unable to allocate memory in the user
Cause: The user side memory allocator returned error.

Action: Increase the processes heap size or switch to the old set of CILS.

From the error description, it seems that memory allocation is a problem, but the memory on the client server is 2 GB, and no program is started, obviously not a simple problem of insufficient memory.

However, most of the problem lies in the client program. After checking metalink, we found that the problem mentioned in document ID 91906.1 may be similar to the problem currently. The cause of this problem seems to be that ODBC does not use the drivers provided by Oracle, but uses drivers provided by systems outside ORACLE_HOME.
I searched through GOOGLE and found an article, which includes the following description:
You must set the following environment variables:
Specifies the top-level directory in which Oracle is installed.
Specifies the location of configuration files, for example, $ ORACLE_HOME/network/admin. after installation Oracle creates the configuration files under/var/opt/oracle. if listener. ora and tnsnames. ora are in this directory, you might not need to set TNS_ADMIN, because by default Oracle uses/var/opt/oracle.

If you do not set these environment variables properly, Oracle returns the ORA-1019 error code the first time you attempt to connect. For information on error handling,

It seems that the problem is probably caused by incorrect ORACLE_HOME environment variables,


Set system environment variables in WINDOWS. After the system is restarted, the problem disappears.

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