Summary of problems encountered when flex tree obtains information dynamically

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In the past two days, the tree's automatic acquisition function was finally completed, and two problems were encountered during this time. After a long time, the problem was finally solved. Haha

1. If the automatically obtained tree data exceeds the display range, the scroll bar is not automatically generated.


Distribute events after obtaining data.

Arraycollection. itemupdated (item );
Arraycollection. dispatchevent (New collectionevent (collectionevent. collection_change, false, false, collectioneventkind. Add,-1,-1, [item]);
2. When there is a large amount of data, the problem of repeated display or some undisplayed display occurs when the scroll bar is quickly slide at multiple nodes, because the itemrender in the tree is also used to produce latency.


Call the mytree. invalidatelist () method in tree scroll to refresh the tree.


After this modification, the tree refresh is indeed much better, but sometimes there are still problems, continue to solve.

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