Summary of problems with installing qt sdk in Ubuntu 11.10

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-------- Abstract --------

I installed the qt sdk many times in Ubuntu 11.10. I encountered many problems one by one. The solution is almost all seen on the Internet :)

The installation package is an offline installation package downloaded from the official website ( ).

-------- Zheng Wen --------

The installation will get stuck. Baidu has a solution. For details, refer to I have tried both methods.

1) Use sudo;

sudo ./


./ -style cleanlooks

Let's talk about it separately,

1) easy to use, cheap and big bowl, easy to solve the problem. However, after the installation, the qtsdk Program folder and the owner and group of the corresponding installation files are all root. If the user logging on to the system is not root, some errors will be reported when the QT creator is enabled, it seems that the configuration file has no corresponding permissions. You need to change the owner and group of the program folder to solve the problem;

2) After installation, run a QT test program and Output

The topic engine cannot be found in the module path: "pixmap"

. Reference /? P = 6959 and Momo (sort) o...

sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf

After the qt sdk is installed, it is completely installed and a new project is created, but the desktop program cannot be created... I have encountered this situation many times, and my solution is to reload it again. =

File ==> new file or project ==> QT Control Project/Qt GUI application


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