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I haven't written a blog for a long time, and recently I am too lazy. I found this life is too boring, so I want to write something to urge myself. I will stick to writing more in the future.
My graduation is almost three months old. I have been working for nine months since my internship. Because the internship has been in this company since the beginning. My job is browser game background R & D, and the language is Php. When I first started, the director told me to switch to PhP development, so I started to switch to PhP. First look Code After studying for more than a month, I was asked to take over the overseas version of the game, which is an overseas version. In fact, I just picked it from the Simplified Chinese version and got a traditional Language Pack, modify some special configurations, which are complicated such as version upgrade and server combination. It is not difficult to do these things, but there are many emergencies in many cases. Because I was a cainiao when I first came in, it was easy to have a boss with me. If I didn't understand it, I would like to ask. In the past nine months, although there were a lot of trivial matters, it was still very easy in general, and there were very few overtime work. This was my favorite one. The following is a summary of what I learned during this period.
1. php learning: I forgot to say that my main language in college is C ++, so it is easy to learn PHP. I can understand PHP code from the very beginning, now, some basic requirements can be fulfilled. At present, the PHP level is between understanding and proficiency. I am trying to be proficient in entering the field. I plan to look for some class libraries, such as smarty and ecshop. Because the industry that will work in the future may not be limited to web games, e-commerce is still very promising, especially mobile e-commerce.
2. MySQL learning: In the past, I had been in the "literacy" stage for databases. I really had a lack of understanding about databases, and I couldn't even perform basic queries. It was really embarrassing. However, work is required. After statistics and learning, you can find out the basic information about the database. You already know the database-related knowledge you usually use ~ Pressure is the power. That's true.
3. Learning nosql (redis): suddenly one day, the boss said that he would learn some nosql. At that time, he was dumb-eyed. Even MySQL was still an entry-level and asked me to study nosql. Fortunately, nosql is not as complex as SQL. It is directly key-> value, which is much simpler and more direct than SQL. Later, I found that the game itself was using nosql (redis). At that time, I was shocked because I had never heard of the nosql term before. I didn't know that redis was the product of nosql... It was not too difficult for redis to learn it. It took two or three weeks to check the information and be familiar with nosql. The basic application is also good. Haha...
4. Linux learning: as a server, Linux learning is necessary. In fact, before entering the company, my understanding of Linux was limited to installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine. If I didn't understand how the boss dared to recruit me. I remember that after I joined the company, after reading the company's rules and regulations, the boss gave me an e-book "Unix shell programming", saying that I should study it first. unexpectedly, I finished reading it in a week, and then started to get things and gadgets in the second week. I got the problem, but I'm not afraid of it. The boss patiently wiped my ass and followed a good boss, O (∩) O Haha ~
5. Overall game architecture: I have been familiar with the entire game architecture for so long. Using nginx as a Web server, nginx has two functions: 1. loading the front-end webpage and client; 2. Running the background script PHP. In fact, the entire background architecture is very simple: first, load the client, find a Web server, then connect the client to the server, and then send the command from the client, the server runs the script according to the command to operate the database and return the corresponding data. The server then returns the data to the client. Therefore, the entire game architecture is very simple: A nginx web service, a TCP Service that connects to and communicates with the client, a MySQL, A redis, and a mencache (redis and memcache are used as cache ).
Conclusion: In the past nine months, I have learned something. I think about it for a while, but I don't know much about it. I have to work hard to learn more than twice. I have never learned it, during this period, the communication capability has been greatly improved, the game has a new understanding, the R & D has a different view, and the technology has also improved. I scored 75 for myself, but failed. During the conversation, the boss directly said that the boss's best evaluation of me was a very good work attitude, and other aspects were also excellent. I don't know whether to be happy or sad. Finally, I want to talk about a good boss: I am not afraid of mistakes made by subordinates, but I am also very patient to explain to my subordinates. Unfortunately, he went to another project team and didn't take me any more.
To write this down, I want to urge myself to keep writing, because I will keep updating my technology.

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