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I remember that when I first came into contact with cgi, I was curious and unfamiliar. Now I have been able to write my own program, but it has gone through a difficult and tortuous detour. Now I am very familiar with some new users in the face of 500 Internal Server Error. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning, and it fails to allow beginners to debug the first cgi program. Now I will write some summary I have experienced to you. You don't have to watch me make an axe in this class.

1. Some programmers usually ignore this point when writing instructions because the first line of the interpreter path of the code provided by the programmer during Program release uses the path on their own computers, therefore, in the debugging process, the first line is often unable to pass! # C:/perl/bin/perl.exe change to the path provided by your service provider
2. Absolute path error: when using a VM, because the url address of the browser does not need to enter the www Directory, some netizens ignore this directory, assume that this directory is the default directory of the host.

For example, error: real = "/usr/home/4232/image"
Correct: real = "/usr/home/4232/www/image"
3. tank input error, in some programs need administrator in the original code directly enter the mailbox address, some netizens often feel name some special and ignore, so changed to their mailbox: -- error occurs from this way, then the system will treat @ 21cn as an array, here, if your mailbox is: should be changed to
4. an error occurs in system environment variables. Some systems (such as my) provide incorrect variable values. For example, {script name} is incorrect when it is monitored in my system, any program that has called these variables should start from scratch. If you are a beginner, such a program should give up, give up the host, or persuade your service provider.

5. Cgi file attribute settings.
Many netizens say they will not set file attributes. Here is a quick method. In coutftp, upload the file first. 2. Select the file uploaded by electric shock. 3. Press shift ctrl a to open a window, in the window, enter 755 and press OK.

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