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  1. Getmac// Get your computer MAC Address

  2. DEVMGMT// Open Device Manager

  3. Taskmgr// Open Task Manager

  4. Slide off: C:\Windows\System32 folder, found in the inside "Slidetoshutdown

  5. Modify Linux Computer Name: vi/etc/sysconfig/network

  6. Linux command:

ctrl+u------- clear the contents before the cursor, quickly delete Shell The wrong command is not required to be deleted by character

ctrl+k------ clear the contents after the cursor

  1. Shu Tdown-h Now shutdown now

  2. Shu Tdown-r Now Restart your computer now

  3. reboot Restart your computer now

  4. More , displaying the contents of the file with pagination, Ctrl + Page up upside down, Sky grid

  5. les s to display the contents of the file with pagination

  6. grep to query the text for content

  7. Df View disk usage   

  8. RPM is a Redhat Package Manager ( Redhat package management tools) abbreviations .

  9. RPM-IVH Rpm Package Full path name: Install package to current system

-I=install, installation

-V=verbose , prompt, that is, a prompt message

-H=hash , progress bar

-Q , Query

-U , Upgrade

Delete RPM Package

rpm-e Rpm the name of the package

  1. Samba The service software enables Windows with the Linux resource sharing is now

  2. Cal View Calendar

  3. Apache the default character set for the server is UTF-8

  4. FTP main configuration file for the service :/etc/vsftpd.conf

  5. FTP Service Use port : £ º Control Port ,: Data Port

  6. Linux two types of mail sending software are available under : Sendmail, Postfix

  7. Iptables rules (rules): rules (rules), Reject (Reject), Discard (drop)

  8. Head - N 1/etc/issue # viewing the operating system version

  9. Cat /proc/cpuinfo # View CPU Information

  10. Lspci-tv List all PCI Equipment

  11. Lsusb-tv List all USB Equipment

  12. Lsmod list the loaded kernel modules

  13. ENV View Environment Variables

  14. free-m view memory usage and swap usage

  15. df-h view the usage of each partition

  16. grep Memtotal/proc/meminfo # View Total Memory

  17. grep Memfree/proc/meminfo # To view the amount of free memory

  18. Uptime # View System uptime, number of users, load

  19. Cat/proc/loadavg # View System Load

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Summary of small knowledge

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