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Speaking of soft test, I am also a specialized, first dunce blowing bragging, interested in the patience to look down. After graduating from university, has been taking part in soft test, from 2007 to participate in soft test for the first time 10 years, the Test 6 times, through 4 times, 2 intermediate, 2 Advanced (4 times), also is a soft test battlefield veteran. The first test is a software designer exam, when only the surrounding people are in the test accompanied newspaper name, do not know the soft textual research book can also be used to recruit titles, bought this textbook also did not turn a few pages, with the university years of consumption of youth lucky pass. Overall feeling afternoon subjects relatively handy, the morning theoretical knowledge part actually did not learn from the designated textbooks, relying on all the foundation work during the university. In the second half of 2007, because at that time relatively idle work, and apply for the database system engineering qualification, this can be under full kung Fu, no soft test textbooks, but the university database theory to learn again, successfully passed, ranked the Nineth province in the country first. 2011 changed units, because these two certificates, directly engaged in intermediate titles, tasted the sweetness to react, the original soft test qualification certificate can be Caude evaluation of title use, and thus has a new goal.

2013 later in the second half after a comparison, the final choice of system architects, mainly because of these years are engaged in technical work, with a relatively solid technical foundation, feel this is close to the job. Bought this designated textbook, swallowed scanned again, and then from the Internet to find some new technology and case materials study, the paper is not ready for basic bare Ben (heard this estimate a lot of people to tears), read the online legend of the universal paper format template, write a paper when you do the usual project according to the template retelling, is a complete Karen. The morning basic knowledge is not fully prepared and eventually 45/46/52 through. At that time, the architect seems to be not a long time, the online can find a few materials, through the rate, not to mention, the year seems to be 5%, which makes me more dizzy. Does it feel like a little god ... It's a test machine, isn't it?

In fact, I summed up that it is not accidental to be able to pass through three qualifications in a row. My university was selected computer major is based on interest, so also laid a good theoretical basis, the morning of the theoretical examination part can feel oneself college time not wasted time, long play good theoretical Foundation is the key, listen to what a few days theoretical sprint can through that is nonsense, and later work for several years are engaged in technical work, Accumulated a wealth of practical experience, for the afternoon case and paper writing accumulated a certain material, this is I can pass the afternoon two real reason.
To summarize, 8 points of basic work and 2 points of luck. Why do you want luck? In front of half of all in the bragging, although all is the truth, the back of the letter tube I test three times, is not every test will drop.
At the end of 2014, I continued to apply for the information System Project Manager qualifications, at that time in order to download the information to know that there is a letter tube network, downloaded from the Internet, the designated textbook electronic version, poor turn over, this time the textbook talk about the whole project management theory, suddenly reminiscent of the high School of Marxism-Leninism political Economy, The theory is inscrutable and difficult to understand, it feels like a heavenly book. Because later work relatively busy, to the exam one months before beginning to prepare, can only use lunch break and night before bedtime a little time preparation, often is holding the book fell asleep. I woke up to find nothing to remember. Reciting is my mishap, do not understand the circumstances of a few knowledge of the theory of the domain to back down is impossible. Before the exam or dizzy, reluctantly into the examination room, the day after the test drive home on the way to turn three laps simply did not find the way home, completely silly. The results are conceivable, theory 39, practice and paper specific points, it seems to be 49/50, an instant tear, myth is broken. Lessons learned in the first half of 2015, but also near the opening of the exam one months before the beginning of preparation, focus on preparing the morning subjects, because the designated teaching material is too thick and no focus, directly from the letter Tube network download Sharing learning notes, do not understand the combination of teaching materials to start learning. Given that the subjects in the previous afternoons were easy to pass, they did not pay attention. Score 59/35/39, old horse hoof ah, waving sleeves, leaving tears thousand lines.
From where to fall from where to climb up, but to prevent the continued fall must be the experience to summarize lessons learned. Through the first two examinations, although failure, but accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge.

This time did a profound summary, and finally successfully passed:

Test time:

First half of 2016

Qualification Name:

Information Systems Project Management Division

Ticket Number:

ID Number:



Morning results:


Afternoon results:


Paper results:


I. Morning theory section:

1. Basic knowledge there is no shortcut, or to rely on personal efforts, learning and accumulation of knowledge is your goal, examination is just the tool to test your learning situation (too concerned about the test results will only give themselves pressure, but affect the examination room play, in time did not test also can learn a lot of things), although I always spend only one months, But the three exams combined actually have been prepared for the first half year.

2. According to the requirements of the test prospectus to read the examination materials, do not need to recite down, a bit of an impression, the examination can think of the good, after all, is the choice of questions. In addition, good memory than rotten pen, in the preparation process for each of the points of knowledge to make notes, preparation for a few days before a quick visit to enhance memory use, nine knowledge of the network has a lot of information to strengthen the memory of the Limerick, personal discovery really helps the memory, we might as well try. Specify the textbook first quickly browse again, don't be afraid not to remember, probably know what the content of the textbook is good, and then download some test notes from the letter Tube network, read through, learn to go to the meal, do not understand the part of open textbook detailed study.
3. Have not participated in the test of soft test the first two years to download the examination papers, to do their own experience familiar.

Two. PM Case section:

Project development experience more rich personnel, this test should be easier to pass, their usual projects to do a summary, the case is mostly some practice links and new technology content, new technology needs to learn more about the Internet, the textbook update to catch up with the development of the Internet, keep up with the pace of the development of the web, don't want to learn from books to everything , the practice part of the words generally need actual combat accumulation, no development experience staff suggested online more to find some case study, the letter tube online There are many cases can learn, but a part of the outdated reference is not strong, or to have a screening of learning.

In addition, luck is still to have, according to these 3 examination questions summary, once is only 3 questions are must answer, another two times are 5 questions some must answer some choose answer, after all, the computer is still a comprehensive subject, the knowledge coverage is broad, have selected the situation everybody chooses a room bigger point, can choose oneself more familiar case answer, The pass rate is also relatively high. Case solution also pay attention to the skills, the key points listed out, each answer a little space and so on all the questions to go back to the appropriate start, the test time is very limited, if you spend time on a topic in detail on the topic may lead to no time to do.

Three. Afternoon Paper part:

The paper personally feel that it is not difficult, whether or not to do the project, the routine is the same; do not believe that many of the online model, recite the sample test when the speculation behavior is not through, to see the basic format on the line, the letter tube online, but the quality is really few or many are stereotyped, we copied to copy, Change the teacher to be tired of aesthetic, then you still want to pass on more difficult.

If you have project experience, the management of your project to retell the implementation process, structure to do some standardized organization, itself is a very good paper (I 4 articles through three basic in 50 points, by the actual combat narrative).

Imagine, if you are a grader, you like to listen to other people talk about the project experience or not wildest theory set template copy. Project experience to adapt to different occasions can have different styles, set template copy of the model easily lead to the examination of fatigue.

Finally, this is the focus, many people will not be stuck in the paper, to provide personal paper writing experience for reference, I hope to help you.

Structural clues: System Requirements + Overall solution + encounter problems (ask questions) + Analytical problems + solutions (problem solving) + results (project summary) + existing defects and solutions (paper sublimation polishing). Outline the draft paper before writing (10 minutes, don't spend too much time on paper writing time)

Summary part: The proposal summary puts to the final writing, avoids the paper summary and the content is inconsistent, reserves 15 minutes to write the summary before the examination ends; If the text is not finished and the time is not enough, try to brief the end, avoid incomplete paper, anyway summary can not empty and to write beautiful (impression points is very important). What is the highlight of the project background, individual job responsibilities, project cycles, adoption of management solutions, problems encountered and solutions adopted, management technology tools used in the highlights and implementation results, etc. It is best to have management ideas or technical innovation can cause the change of staff attention.

Next body part:

Part I: Open the title part: put forward the project background + individual job Responsibilities + adopt the overall management plan (or technology);
The second part: The whole project implementation: According to the project plan to carry out the project division of labor, the use of management theory + program + tools + technology;
The third part: The project process: detailed the management process of each project stage, the problems encountered, the use of tools, technology, the results achieved;
Part IV: Project Summary: Overall project management implementation Results report;
Part V: According to the overall situation of the project, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, the proposed improvement program and recommendations, sublimation of the article, strive for extra points (perhaps 44 points with 45 points on the dozens of words).
Regardless of the 9 admin domain that part of the exam, you can refer to the format to the bait, try to write their own real project experience, avoid fiction. Believe that there are many people do not know, take a few templates to recite, and then luck, test-oriented education routines here does not apply, or take the right path more painstaking effort.

Next, I recommend a few online personal screening to find it more good learning materials:

1. Information Systems Project Manager study notes (core content). doc--Highly recommended, you can not hold a brick to doze.

2. Information System Project Manager 9 major project management fields (Tsinghua Textbook edition). xls--memory skills
3. The letter Pipe Network Information System Project management Master Thesis compilation. pdf-Useful for people without project management experience
4. Information System Project Manager case analysis finishing. pdf--This looks at luck, too many cases, only familiar with the type of questions and answers.

Soft Test Project Manager summary (turn)

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