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I have integrated the small size of software applications on the Internet and a few of my own. I hope it will be useful to you. For details about Registry Modification, please back up the Registry first!
1. The audio and video files cannot be deleted in XP.
In many cases, this is because the preview function is a ghost. Start | enter and execute "regsvr32/u shmedia. dll" during running to get the message preview. Run "regsvr32 shmedia. dll" when restoring"
In fact, the preview function is removed.
2. Unlock the Registry
Method 1:
Regedit4 [hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoliciessystem]
"Disableregistrytools" = DWORD: 00000000
3. reinstall IE in XP:
Run the Registry Editor and find [hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftactive setupinstalled COMPONENTS {modules}]. Change the key value from 1 to 0. After restart, XP will automatically start IE6 installation.
4. Never enable 3721
Edit file X: windowshosts and add a line of code:
Edit the file X: winntsystem32driversetchosts and add a line of code:
Edit the file X: windowssystem32driversetchosts and add a line of code:
You can also use a CNNIC Chinese domain name. The domain name is changed to
5. What should I do if the display desktop in the taskbar is lost?
Simple Method ::
Notepad new input:
Command = 2
Iconfile1_assumer.exe, 3
Command = toggledesktop
Save as show desktop. SCF
Drag to Quick Start
6. One-Click Shutdown using shortcuts in Win98
Every time you close a computer, you need to execute the "Start/Close computer" command, which brings a lot of trouble to the simple shutdown operation. The following describes a one-click shutdown method. First, right-click the blank area of the desktop and create a shortcut. In the pop-up shortcut dialog box, enter C: windowsrundll32.exe user, exitwindows, and then click "Next" to name the shortcut "one-click shutdown". Then, the created shortcut appears on the system desktop, open the shortcut Properties window, go to the shortcut page, and define a shortcut key for the shortcut, such as F11. After the shortcut is completed, press F11 to run the shutdown command.
7. Remove poor audio quality from MP3
You can use the mp3trim software to correct mp3 songs.
After running the program, load the mp3 songs to be corrected. First, you need to know the part to be intercepted. Enter the start time of the part from the header and click the small horn button on the right, at the same time, enter the time at the "from the end" (this time is the time to push forward from the end of the file, so this time needs to be obtained by the total time of the music minus the time just recorded ), click the speaker button on the right, and then select Save.
Apart from time-based clip capturing, mp3trim supports frame-based clip capturing, which is similar to time-based clip capturing. In addition, other features such as volume control and fade-in and fade-out effect are also distinctive.
8. Double-click the icon in the upper left corner of the window to close the window.
If multiple windows are opened at the same time and you want to close them, you can hold down SHIFT and click the close icon in the upper-right corner of the window.
9. Input Method problems:
1) Solve the Problem of installing the officexp Input Method icon:
You only need to delete or rename ctfmon.exe under the X: windowssystem(x) folder of the drive letter for Windows installation.
(If you find that the input method icon is no longer in the system tray when you start the computer for the first time after using this method, you can find it in the input method icon of the Control Panel)
2) retrieve the office2003 input window:
In the Registry, the value of show status under [HKEY_CURRENT_USER/control panel/input method/] is changed to 0,
Change it to 1. And then log in again to solve the problem.
10. use NotePad to lose weight.
Enter C: winntinfsysoc. select "inf" in the editing menu, enter "hide" in "Search", and click "replace all". Some common options may appear in "add and delete". You can select the option as needed.
Run this command and press enter to clear a lot of cache and some backup files. Generally,-M files can be removed without any harm to the system, which is common to XP.
11. Use ghost for compression
Find a gho image file and use ghost explorer to delete the content. Open the empty gho file with ghost explorer, right-click and paste the file in the ghost Explorer window, or drag the file directly into the window. (Ghost explorer compresses data faster than WinRAR, and can be easily added or deleted, just like the Resource Manager)
12. When Windows/XP cannot be started due to serious system problems, you can use the anti-DDoS pro to restore the console and: initialize the Registry File (system, software, Sam, security, and default) saved in the windowsrepair folder, copy it to system32config (back up it in the same capacity before deleting it) to replace the system
13. manually download the XP update Patch
Many of my friends will find many updates after installing SP1 through Windows Update. However, if the update speed on Windows Update is too slow, what can be done to accelerate the download? Through practice, I found a tip.
1): Use Windows Update in the Start menu to upgrade the internet.
2): Select "scan for updates" to find the upgrade patch.
3): "Review and install updates" to view patch update instructions.
4): click "Install now" to jump out of windows update. The web page dialog box starts to download the patch.
5): Select Cancel to exit the upgrade.
6): Open C: Windows Update. Log
See it! All the patches you need are here! All you need to do is copy the download link and download it with download software such as flashget.
14. Use FC and> to analyze the Registry
For example, we can copy the Registry (for example, C: First) before installing the software. reg), and then export the Registry File (C: Second. red) and then execute the following command in MS-DOS mode (pure DOS mode also:
C:> FC first, Reg second. Reg> fc.txt (Press ENTER)
Open the FC and TXT files to view the sub-keys added to the registry by the software.
Note: For example, the format of the source text file is. txt. wps. Doc. You must install the corresponding file opening program.
15. Easily crack Foxmail account passwords
In Foxmail, for account security, we usually set a password for the account. It doesn't matter if you forget it. Open the folder under the mail directory and use your account command to delete accounf. Stg. The password is removed.
You don't need to delete it. Just change the suffix. The system will automatically create a new accounf. STG file, delete the file, and then change it back to the original accounf. STG file suffix, so that you can read others' emails without knowing it. But it is better not to use it for illegal purposes.
16. Lan stealth method:
In the LAN, you can often view the online status of other users in the LAN through network neighbors. If you do not want other users to know whether you are online, in this case, run CMD in Win2000/XP and then run net config server/hidden: Yes and press enter to hide it. To cancel a task, change Yes to No.
17. Use WinRAR to merge MP3 files:
Select the first MP3 files to be merged, right-click and add them to the file, and select storage for compression. Then, change the suffix of the compressed file to MP3. Let's try again to see if two songs have been merged.
18. Disable the device driver Update Wizard
This setting allows you to disable the driver for upgrading a device through Windows Update in the Device Manager.
To perform this setting, follow these steps: Click the start button on the taskbar, click Run in the Start Menu, enter regedit, and click OK to open the Registry Editor.
Expand hkey_current_usersoftwarepoliciesmicrosoftwindows ntdriver signing
Create a DWORD key named "nodevmgrupdate" and set the key value to "1 ".
The settings you modified will take effect after you restart your computer.
19. Change the driver signature verification option.
This setting allows you to decide what the system will do when you install an unsigned or tested driver. To perform this setting, follow these steps: Click the start button on the taskbar, click Run in the Start Menu, enter regedit, and click OK to open the Registry Editor. Expand hkey_current_usersoftwarepoliciesmicrosoftwindows ntdriver signing to create a DWORD key named "behavioronfailedverify" and set the key value to "0 ". The settings you modified will take effect after you restart your computer.
20. unmount the fax and Image Viewer
If you do not want to use the fax and Image Viewer provided by XP, run the following command to uninstall it:
Regsvr32/u shimgvw. dll
21. Disable officexp entries
Disable the optional Chinese Input Method in the Add/delete program, delete other input methods except "English (U.S.)" in the region settings, and finally run
Regsvr32/u msimtf. dll
Regsvr32/u msctf. dll
22. Haojie super solution V8
You only need to rename vcvtshell. dll in the installation directory to remove the buttons in resource manager.
23. The system is 2 K or XP. If your system partition is in the FAT32 format and the system is shut down illegally, the system will run the disk scan program at the next startup, but there will always be a 10-second wait time at startup. How can I remove it?
Just one command:
The above 0 is the waiting seconds.
24. The 2 K system always prompts "the dynamic link library cannot be loaded ***. DLL. The system cannot find the specified file. "It is useless to copy the file to the original path. In this case, you can try the DOS command to repair the system file:
If necessary, you will be prompted to insert a 2 k CD, and then restart it.
25. How to change Google search in myie2
Myie2> Settings center> Quick Search> * is the default search. The latest "simplified" Chinese search is

Http:// Q = %

... 2 & LR = lang_zh-CN
26. You can apply the modified registry without restarting it.
After modifying the registry, save the changes to the registry. Press CTRL + ALT + DEL at the same time.
Windows task list, highlight "e", click "End Task", display the shutdown screen, click
"No". Later, an error message is displayed. Click "End Task". The windows browser displays the new registry 1
New lifting load.
27. add your own methods to QQ:
Add yourself to the blacklist, drag yourself to my friends, and then run the registration wizard.
28. Start Winamp and play an MP3 player. Then press [shift] and then click the "stop" button on the panel. You will find that the music is not stopped immediately, instead, gradually decrease the volume until it disappears completely, just as the DJ on the radio station did.
29. The original hard drive icon can also be so beautiful!
First, you need to download several icons you like (with the suffix. ico) on the Internet, put them under the root directory of each drive, name them as 1.ico, create a new notepad, and enter
Icon = 1.ico
Save it as autorun. inf, and restart the system to see the effect! In addition, it is best to set the attributes of these two files to "hide", mainly because, if you do not do this, you can open each drive and you can see these two files, which is too ugly, it also exposes the secret of making the hard drive icon beautiful!
In addition, this method can be applied to the disc. You can also add an autorun. inf file and an icon to the disc you burn, so your disc will also have such an icon!
In addition, change the content of autorun. inf:
Opentracing xxx.exe
The file xxx.exe will be run automatically when the optical disk is inserted. This method is also very practical!
30. RealOne Player is a very good audio/video player software. What is lacking in the United States is that it takes a long start time. Why don't we try to speed up the startup of RealOne Player?
1). Start silently
Run the "Start → search → file or folder" command to find the "netid. SMI and getmedia. INI files, find and rename them, for example, to netid-old.smi and getmedia-old.ini, and then when you start RealOne Player again, there will be no more welcome music, the software will no longer try to connect to the software homepage.
2) omitted software introduction
Select "hide" in "Tools> album Info", and the RealOne Player will no longer display the product introduction.
. Close the media browser
RealOne Player provides a media browser that closes the media by finding a triangular arrow at the right of the Earth button under the "close" button in the upper right corner of the RealOne Player window, click the arrow to open the drop-down menu and cancel the check box before "show media browser ".
Start RealOne Player again. Does it feel much faster?
31. Sort Chinese file names by strokes
In Windows Resource Manager, whether the file (or folder) name is in English or Chinese, when we view it in "details" mode, click on the file list title "name, by default, file names are sorted in alphabetical order. If you have a large number of Chinese file names, it is better to sort them by strokes. The method is:
In Windows XP, double-click "Control Panel> region and language options", switch to the "region options" tab, and click "Custom" to open the "Custom region options" dialog box, click the "sort" tab and select "strokes" from the sorting method drop-down list ". After restarting the computer, open the resource manager and click the file list title "name". The Chinese file names are sorted by the number of strokes!
Note: This setting only affects Chinese name files. files named in English are sorted by name regardless of the pronunciation or strokes.
32. Right-click a web page
Web page disabled right-click
The first case is copyright information. The solution is as follows:
Right-click the target on the page, and the restriction window will pop up. Do not release the right button, move the mouse pointer to the "OK" button of the window, and press the left button at the same time. Now, the left mouse button is released, the restriction window is closed, and the right mouse button is removed from the target. Haha, the right mouse menu is displayed, and the restriction is canceled!
In the second case, "add to Favorites" appears. The solution is as follows:
Right-click the target, and a window added to favorites appears. Do not release or move the right button. Instead, use the tab key of the keyboard, move the focus to the cancel button, and press the Space key, then the window disappears and the right-click menu appears again.
In the third case, you cannot right-click the hyperlink to bring up the "open in New window" menu. In this case, the above two methods cannot be cracked. Let's take a look at this trick: Right click on the hyperlink and a window will pop up. Do not release the right button. Press the Space key on the keyboard and the window disappears, in this case, the right-click button is released, and the cute right-click menu appears again. Select "open in New window.
Do you know all the above methods? Do you know the following? Click the "source file" command on the "View" menu in the browser to view the HTML source code. However, if a webpage uses a framework, you can only see the code on the Framework page. This method is not feasible. Don't worry. I have other methods.
You can press SHIFT + F10 on the disk to try it. You can call up the right-click menu!
Let me look at this trick again: Do you see the key on the left of the right ctrl key on the keyboard? Click it and the right-click menu appears! This trick is rarely seen in the rivers and lakes. How can this problem be solved? Not yet?
It seems that I have to do my best! Take a closer look. This is the "invincible ***" that has never appeared in the rivers and lakes! Right-click the page where the right mouse button is blocked and the restricted window appears. Do not release the right button. press Alt + F4 on the left-hand keyboard. Then the window is closed and the right mouse button is released, the menu is displayed! This is an easy way to crack all the above cases.
33. Four Wonderful uses of the keyboard "print screen" Key
1) Replacing screen Software
Press the print screen key to capture the full screen. Click "Start> program> attachment> drawing", and the "Drawing" program is opened. Click the "Edit> paste" menu in the window, in this case, "the image in the clipboard is larger than the bitmap. Do you want to expand the bitmap?" In the dialog box, click "yes" to paste the screenshot. Press Ctrl + S to save the image.
2) capture the current activity window
When you use print screen to capture a screen, press the Alt key to capture only the current active window, and then save it as described above.
3) Capture game Images
We all know that the print screen key on the keyboard can capture the desktop pattern in the system, and then "Paste" it in the image processing software such as "Drawing" program or photoshop. However, if we want to capture a Game image, the above method may not work.
It doesn't matter. Start Windows Media Player (version 6.0 or later), open a video file, select "file → properties → advanced", double-click the video Renderer, in direct draw, cancel the four options: YUV flipping, RGB flipping, YUV overlaya, and RGB overlays. Then exit. Try again and use the print screen key to capture the game screen.
4) truncates the DirectX Graph
The print screen key cannot intercept the DirectX graph. It doesn't matter. We just need to slightly adjust the subtotal to make it a big show. Enter Regedit in "run" in the "Start" menu, open the Registry Editor, expand the registry to the hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftdirectdraw branch, create a "DWORD" value, and rename it "enableprintscreen ", enter the key value "1" to enable the print screen key to intercept the DirectX graph.
35. Use your software quickly
Find the icon of your most commonly used software on the desktop, right-click the icon-properties, and change the shortcut options to what you think is the most appropriate. For example, if myie2 is F9 and Winamp is F10, QQ is F11, and then add your frequently used software in the myie external toolbar, so that when I start the system, I only need to press F9, F10, F11, the three most commonly used software will be opened soon, but it is better not to set the shortcut keys to be the same as those commonly used by the system. It will be prompted during general settings!
36. View hidden partitions with the downloaded software
Operating System: Windows XP
Partition format: FAT32
Download Software: Internet Express, audio and video conveyor belt, thunder, and btgenie
Hidden partition software: Master optimization or by modifying the registry, the principle is the same. I used the optimization function of the optimization master to hide the H disk.
Scenario 1: The download tool contains the H drive software or file download records. For example, if I used any of the following download tools to download QQ on the H disk, the record was not deleted. Select this record. Take express train as an example. In task-open the downloaded file directory, you will find that the hidden H disk is opened, and the files in it can be operated! Haha!
Scenario 2: The download tool does not have a file download record for hidden partitions or any records, if you suspect or know that a partition is hidden (for example, we now know that H disks are hidden on my computer), you can find a download link at any time. Take express trains as an example and use express trains for downloading, save it in any folder of disk H. You do not have to download the file. Then, if task-open the downloaded file directory, the disk H is opened. The premise is that the disk H is indeed hidden.
37. WINXP comes with the batch rename function,
Select a heap of files, rename the file, and change the first file. After the file is changed, other files are automatically modified.
38. Change the recording length limit of Win98 Recorder
1) Open the recorder and set the "Recording" button. The length of the recording is 60 seconds on the right side of the recording window, and the position of the recording is displayed on the left.
2) After the recording is in a certain position, press the "stop" button.
3) Open the "effect" menu and select "Slow Down". Then, you will find that the length of the right side of the recording window is 100 seconds. Repeat the operation until the recording length increases to the appropriate length.
4) press the "collect to start" button and then press "Recording" to start recording. The recording length is not one minute!
39. Word document encryption tips
File menu settings: 1. Open the Word Document to be encrypted. 2. Select "Save as" for "file" and the "Save as" dialog box appears. Select "general options" in "Tools" and the "save" tab appears. 3. Enter the password in "Open permission password" and "Modify permission password" respectively (the two passwords can be the same or different ). 4. Confirm "Open permission password" and "Modify permission password" again ". Press OK to exit the Save tab. 5. File storage.
Set by the tool menu: 1. Open the Word Document to be encrypted. 2. Select the "options" command in the "Tools" menu and the "options" dialog box appears ". 3. Select the "save" tab in the "options" dialog box. 4. Enter the password in "Open permission password" and "Modify permission password" respectively, and click "OK" to exit. 5. Save the file.
Encrypt a template
If we don't want others to use the general template (narmal. DOT) or a self-created template, You can encrypt the template by: 1. Open the general template file (the file name is narmal. dot, which can be found in the C: \ ProgramFiles \ mi-crosoft \ templetas folder ). 2. Set the password in the above two methods. 3. Click Save in the toolbar (or select save in the File menu "). Every time you start word, you will be prompted to enter the password.
40. How to enter the phonetic symbols in Chinese pinyin (for example, TTS, NLP, NLP, ü, and á)
Method 1: In wordsoftware, click "insert"/"symbol". In the "symbol" dialog box that appears, select "Latin extension-a" in the "subset" box, and then select the expected symbol in the large box in the middle, click "insert" under the dialog box, and then click "close ".
Method 2: Enter "V8" in the Chinese Input state of "smart ABC input method", and then select it from the list. (By the way, when the "smart ABC Input Method" is entered in Chinese, enter "v" + "a 0-9 Number", such as "V1", "V2 "..., You will find many amazing things.
41. Delete the historical records in "running"
Select the "close system" command in the "Start" menu, select "no" in the pop-up dialog box, and return to Windows. Then, check whether all history records in "run" are eliminated?
42. Keep my computer high
By default, in resource manager, Windows XP places the "My Documents" icon on the "my computer" icon. This sort order makes many people feel uncomfortable in use. By modifying the registry, we can run the "my computer" icon to the "My Documents" icon. The operation is as follows:
Click Start> Run, type regedit, press enter, open registry editor, expand [hkey_classes_rootclsid/] branch, and double-click the DWORD Value "sortorderindex" in the right window, change its value from "48" to "54.
43. Permanently delete "My Documents"
In Windows XP, when we delete folders such as "My music" and "image favorites" in "My documents", these folders will be generated after the computer is restarted. In fact, to completely delete folders such as "My music" and "image favorites", you only need to enter "regsvr32/u mydocs" in the Windows "run" dialog box. DLL "command, and then you can completely delete them.
44. Do not save or modify the taskbar
During daily teaching, students often find that they intentionally or unintentionally modify the attributes of the taskbar. As a result, information such as the taskbar and time icon cannot be displayed normally during the next host operation. You can modify the registry so that the system does not save the changes. After restarting, the system automatically restores the changes to the original settings.
Click Start> Run, type regedit, press enter, open registry editor, and expand [hkey_current_usersoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversion
Policiesexplorer] branch. Right-click the right-side window and select the "New> DWORD Value" command to create a New DWORD Value named "nosavesettings, set the value to "1.
45. Use Windows XP files to accelerate Windows 2000
You must feel that the startup speed of Windows XP is much faster than that of 2000, because it is mainly used for ntdetect. COM and nfldr (this file has no extension and both files are under the root directory of the system partition) are optimized, you only need to copy the two files in the Windows XP system of the corresponding language to overwrite the original files in the root directory of the Windows 2000 system partition.


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