Summary of solutions for installing ext and deleting Spket in Eclipse3.4 and not automatically prompting questions

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If you are the installation of the Spket-1.6.11.jar, you may be wrong here, dead horse as a live horse medicine, you can follow my method to try.

Before this, please come in the friends to see the installation steps, of course, if you already know, you can skip to the back to see the solution.

First of all, if you have installed the spket-1.6.11 plug-in, you have to remove the spket you have already mounted, how to delete it. Very simple, because the Spket plug-in is installed in links, so you just find your eclipse3.4 location, there will be a links folder, you just delete the file inside, so naturally, you have killed Spket.

At this point, you just enter the DOS environment, into the disk where your Spket-1.6.18.jar package (preferably the jar package directly under the disk), then enter the command

Java-jar Spket-1.6.18.jar Of course, if your version is higher than that, replace it accordingly. The dialog box appears,

If you select Next, you will have the next dialog box

Select the Eclipse Plugin radio button in the diagram to navigate through the path to your Eclipse startup file in the browser button. Then next, install it.

At this point you can enter the Eclipse work platform, in Windows-preference-spket-javascript profiles new ext, select your new ext, for its add Library, select ExtJS, OK, Then for its add file, this time you are browsing your ExtJS library file, if it is ext2.0 is to EXT.JSB, if it is ext3.0 above is EXT.JSB2. Choose Good, OK. This time you open the JS file should be right click, open With-spket Javascript Editor. This time you should be able to see the automatic prompts.

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