Summary of some of the website is conducive to search engine optimization of the small common sense and SEO optimization

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Web site for search engine optimization of the small common sense

1. Try to use independent IP and space reasons: under the same IP and other sites punished, may have an impact on your stand. If your station and a lot of garbage, pornographic station with a server, search engine will like it?

2. Avoid using level two domain names and free domain names when doing different content sites. Cause: When the primary domain name or other level two domain name is punished, it will implicate your station. And the search engine will specify the number of each domain name included

3. Use the composite keyword as the domain name, should be separated by a dash. such as: reason: If use search engine will think Madeinchina is a word, not phrase.

4. In the same context, the suffix. org and. NET represent a higher ranking advantage than. com for non-commercial web sites; for Chinese websites, the Chinese domain's. cn and. have some advantages over non-regional. com.

5. The core keywords of the website are their business scope

6. Consider the key words in the customer's perspective

7. Expand the keywords into a series of phrases and phrases. For example: Friends-dating-dinner friends-qq Friends-Friends Forum and so on

8. Do not use hot keywords or keywords that are too broad to define, for example, avoid using "friends" as the core keyword directly. My treat Dinner network selected "Dinner Friends" as the core keyword

9. Use location + keywords: such as "Shanghai Friends" "Shanghai Dinner Friends" and so on

10. View keywords used by similar websites or opponents

11. Never use keywords that aren't relevant to your site

12. Number of keywords: up to 3 in one page is better. With different products and services, single page optimization for each product, instead of listing on one homepage

13. Single-page keywords not less than 2%, not more than 7%

14. Select keywords must refer to Baidu

15. Keywords to be everywhere, there are heavy and light, do not put all the pages of the keyword and density are almost the same control

16.TITLE, description, keywords must have keywords, short, clear on the good, not too much or deliberately repeat, and read fluent. Description not too long, focus on the description that is not adequately expressed in title and keywords

17. Key keywords Distribution location includes: Page top, left, title, the body of the first 200 words or less

18. Consciously use keywords in navigation, sitemap, anchor text, for example: "Home" can be changed to "Please Eat home"

19. Title with <H1> or <B> for example,:

20. ALT + keywords in picture

21. Site Directory structure is brief, file name specification. URL not too long

22. Large Web site Directory as far as possible to control within 4 levels, get a "Related Topics" column, plus a link to the deep page

23. Use keywords in the table of contents and file names, use "-" to split the phrase, do not use "_" to split. Pinyin available in Chinese

24. All stations use static, all *. HTM or *. Html

25. Dynamic website URL try not to appear:? & $ etc

26. Home main column in the first screen, with text link

27. On the homepage to get a "key recommendation" column, the sub-directory of important content links here

28. Use the site map. More than 100 links per page, if more than one page can be paged

29. Do not use the framework, but also use the inline framework.

30. Minimize the size of the picture, but keep it clear.

31. Add a description above or below the big picture

32. Add a link with keywords around the picture

33. The page design should not be mainly flash, especially the homepage, especially the commercial website homepage

34. Page size control is within 50K. Too long to stride open the spider will think your stand off

35. Separate the CSS and use the standalone CSS file

36. Separate JS files and use the standalone JS file

37.JS code Less, can be placed at the bottom of the page, the top of the page to keep the HTML code

38. Submit to Search engine catalogue, Yahoo! Catalogue, Baidu Catalogue and so on Google put the link from the YAHOO directory as an important score of the site rankings

40. Do not use automatic landing software! Don't use mass software! It's too late to regret being K.

41. Link Quality Analysis: Links in the search engine catalog and links to directories, websites that are relevant or complementary to your theme, sites with a PR value of not less than 4, large traffic, high visibility, frequent updates of important sites (such as search engine news feeds), websites with very few export links, The top three pages of your keywords in search results, the site with high content quality.

42. Do not connect links to sites that are not related to content. If exporting linked site content is associated with your site theme, it is also helpful for search engine friendly

43. No more than 15 single-page export links. Home control within 10

44. The site can also be established through the establishment of a number of content related to the two-level domain name sub-station, linked to each other linked back to the main station, the formation of sub-station group surrounded the main station, to improve ranking is very advantageous

45. Whether exporting links, importing links, or internal links, it's best to take into account that the link text contains keywords

46. The text of the import link of a station is identical, may be misunderstood by the search engine, ignored or punished

47. For the Chinese site, has 3 level PR is the basis, 4 PR calculation standards, 5-level PR is good, and 6, 7 level PR Even if the site is quite excellent

The PR of the 48.Google default PDF file is inherently 3, so for more valuable content on the site, it is recommended to make it in PDF format

49.PR value should be included in the search engine marketing including SEO natural results and should not be pursued as the goal, in the process of SEO, can not forget the content building, can not forget the quality of the chain, but forget the PR is no big deal

50. Sand table Effect: is a supervision of the new station, familiar with the process. If your site in the post shortly after the core keyword in the Google rankings by the high-down instability, mostly by Google in the sandbox

SEO optimization

1 Domain name Age: domain name from the date of the start of the registration day, accurate to the month website on-line longer will accumulate certain promotion effect, the promotion effect is very likely due to the site itself problems caused

Can be viewed via (next to the domain name of the website to be queried)

2 Host location: Refers to the program hosted in the server's IP, where the attribution will certainly affect the speed of the opening of the site, too slow will result in the search engine unfriendly suggestions to set up the system server in the site access to the distribution of users more concentrated areas.

3 Number of host sites: refers to the number of sites hosted under the same IP address number of host sites are too many, will certainly affect the efficiency of site execution, and the stability of the server recommendations choose a standalone server to operate your website.

4Alexa Rankings: Alexa rankings reflect the ranking of the site in the world roughly reflects the position of the station in the rankings of IP visits and manifests itself in the ranking of the world recommendations

1. Optimize your hot articles. Get a hot article that continues to get traffic from search engines. Include a plugin or chart at the bottom of the article, link to your Alexa article or use Alexa redirection on the internal URL.

2, writing and site management-related content.
3. Post on an Asian social networking site or forum.
4. Install the Alexa toolbar or Ssfirefox plugin on your computer and set your website as the homepage of all browsers.
5. Write an article or blog about Alexa.

5ALEXA Data estimated traffic: Alexa's IP access to the station day, an approximate estimate suggests optimizing your top articles

6 The first page of the export links: from the home page to export the internal links suggested on the homepage to try to show more information on the site content

7 first page Export links: that is, links between the exchange of links between the web search engine believes that a good site must be resource sharing, can be used for the transfer between weights, recommended 50 or less recommendations

1, to increase the quality of friendship links
2, more and more weight than their own high-level website in exchange for the link address.

8 whether to update the site content daily: Fixed daily updates, will increase the number of search engines

9 whether each page can be linked back to the homepage: to see whether each content page contains a URL with the first page domain name in fact, it can increase the user experience, and drive the homepage weight

10 Original content is reproduced original content, easy to be included, improve keyword ranking

11 site included number: The site is included in the number of Google link: back for the site domain name of the more the better

12 Do not use station Group Policy: multiple websites turn to each other

13 first Page Size: page size, impact on the first page loading time, too general impact user experience and Spider crawl effect recommended to keep under 75k

14 Page Access speed: How fast the page is opened, directly affects the user experience, and is not friendly to spiders.

15 dead chain: Refers to the inner chain or outside the chain, there is no path to find the URL dead link will result in search search engine unfriendly, poor user experience

16 image Alt is NULL: the IMG tag, the alt attribute Alt is empty, will certainly affect the user experience, and Spider-Friendly

17 Image logo alt contains keywords: image logo alt with keywords, there is a certain beneficial keyword optimization

18 Hidden text: text is the same as the background color if this happens, the search engine will think it's cheating.

19Title contains keywords: try to include keywords in title

20Title Length: Homepage <Title> tags within the keyword, the length of the characters to be less than 60 characters or less than 30 Chinese characters

+ Description contains keywords: in the description tag, the content contains the keywords as much as possible.

22Description Length: Description tags, words in content are less than 220 characters, Chinese characters are less than 110

23Title and keywords content not the same, title and description content not the same, keywords and description content

24 Keyword Length: website home <keywords> tags within the keyword, the length of the characters to be less than 60 characters or less than 30 Chinese characters

25 keyword Density: The total number of occurrences of a keyword or a keyword on a Web page and the proportion of other text as much as possible to control between 6% and 8%

26 Try Web page contains

"Nofollow" is written on the META tag on the Web page to get the page content, find content= "nofollow", determine whether it is included on the META tag

"nofollow" in the hyperlink to get the page content, find content= "nofollow", determine whether it is included on the META tag

29 sites in a large number of repeated keywords: the content of the distance between keywords is less than 3 Chinese, repeat 4

30 content in Web pages try not to repeat

31 Column Page description and home description not the same, column page title and first page title not the same, column page keywords and home keywords do not have the same

32 Ads and text-independent content with IFrame and JS display

33 pages It's best to use an IFRAME if the frame is to appear.

3,400 degrees Weight: Baidu through the calculation, to give the site's weight value back is the domain name can be viewed to Baidu weight Baidu weight value the higher the better

3,500 degrees included: the site in Baidu included in the total number of pages after the domain name can be viewed Baidu included Baidu included the more the better

3,600 degrees backlinks number: Baidu included in the page point to the number of the domain name is the domain name can be viewed to Baidu reverse link number Baidu reflects the number of links more better

3,700 degrees expected to the station traffic: estimated daily from Baidu search past day IP access back is the domain name can be viewed to the site is expected to traffic

38 Google included: The site in Google included in the total number of pages behind is the domain name

39 Google PR: that is Google weight, through the algorithm, Google to give the domain weight value can see Google weights

40 Google backlink number: Google included in the page to the number of the domain name

41 Sogou included: The site in Sogou in the total number of pages included

42 Sogou Backlinks Number: Sogou included in the page point to the number of the domain name

43 Sogou Weight: Through the Sogou algorithm, given the domain name of the weight value

44 Yahoo included: the site in Yahoo in the total number of pages included

45 Yahoo Backlinks Number: the page that Yahoo included to point to the number of this domain name

46 Youdao included: The site in Youdao in the total number of pages included

47 Youdao Backlinks Number: Youdao included in the page point to the number of the domain name

48 Search included: the site in search of the total number of pages included

49 Search the number of backlinks: Search for the number of pages that are included in this domain name

50 keywords in Baidu Search volume: The site keyword is Baidu included in the corresponding search volume

51 Google is expected to give the station traffic: estimated daily from Google search past day IP access

52 Sogou estimated traffic to the station: estimated daily IP access from Sogou search past day

53 try calling external CSS and external JS

54 try not to include Flash Web page

55 page static: means to display content in HTML or HTM form

56 Parse the site map, look at the level of the site navigation from the first page to the last level of content page level as far as 2 layers not more than 3 layers

57 website to include in XML format or HTML format of the site map with the site map to place all the page links on the site to facilitate spider crawling

58 page Content keywords away from <body> distance as far as possible less than 10 words

59 Body keywords Word frequency and density: the content of the Web page of the Body keyword appears as far as possible between 5 to 8 times

60 stations including forums, blogs, message boards, reviews, news release system is the best

61 Web page Filenames It's better not to be pure numbers.

62 column URL Chinese pinyin and English first

In 63url, it is best to include keywords

64url length as much as possible within 40 characters

65url transmit the number of parameters preferably not more than 4, as far as possible within 4

Summary of some of the website is conducive to search engine optimization of the small common sense and SEO optimization

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