Summary of the 2016.2.6 goat--Always on the road, always thinking

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summed up thinking for a long time, actually do not know from where to start speaking, but still wrote, take this farewell to my 2015, to leave a memorial

2015 for me, is really a magical year, but summed up also on two things, one is to write code, and two is a lot of communication and emotional things.

in the first half of 2015, I myself a person to the data structure and algorithm analysis seriously, probably is the final exam review week that time, listen to Huang total words to find Zhang Zhen teacher, to meet, feel Zhang Zhen teacher really appreciate my (after all, I was really outside the Department + learned a book of people), Then the Zhang Zhen was pushed onto the ACM road. But at that time I was hesitant, because I do not know how the ACM this road will affect me how much, some people say that ACM is very useful to change the whole person's thinking, and for the future work also helpful, some people say that ACM for the future work is not really helpful, 90% of the knowledge is not used. Anyway, I personally at that time is also each dozen, took the mentality to try to learn, learn now, personal feeling, or a bit of use, at least I think the way the problem has changed a little bit, encountered problems are not oriented to enumeration programming, but also to learn to think of their own independent thinking of some problems, Feel this is a C-series programmer's feelings, all want to improve performance to the extreme, the most is I last week in the csdn to help others with 01 backpack solved an engineering problem, this sudden sense of accomplishment experience is also hard won.  but later I also found that I do not have the talent for this kind of competition, the former junior high school when also engaged in what the chemical competition, and later also did nothing, I myself in the second half of the time also said, ACM and my Fate, may also be to practice the fate of the brain. I have more than one time to reflect on their own participation in the ACM this matter, and later found that the natural good, I said to myself, get to the end, really do not, give up, life will always have a lot of wrong choice, but can not go to a certain extent is not able to judge, I will be responsible for their own future, not others. Today I always understand this truth, but also blame their own young frivolous.     my high school classmates, to tell the truth, are very excellent, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang Wuhan University People's Congress also has, the average of the Chinese laborers also have a lot, so far I still laugh I came to the big, may really be the fate of the arrangement, let me in the big well to understand what they want to live, sometimes feeling that they did not work hard, Think of Dmitri Trenin prove himself, but found in fact someone more than you work hard, my high school classmates also so, in the big many people are also the same idea, even if it is a lot of my peers friends, many are tinkering with their own UNIX and various project development, from the front to the backstage have. Sometimes the desire is big, the burden will be very heavy, I in last semester's half semester constantly engaged in ACM and the compilation, the result because last semester's course is too dog blood, busy to the Assembly abandoned, sometimes do I do not like the analysis of mechanics and various do not know why to do the experimental report, Although I ended up doing well in school, I seemed to think I was just fooling around. Finally survived the winter vacation, on average spend 10 hours a day in programming and learning technology, I want to complete my sophomore last semester did not complete the things, career success is my only yearning, I do not want to lose, I can not afford to lose.  people grow up, words become more and more less, this sentence in my body embodies incisively and vividly, may be oneself also do technology bar. But if you want to make good grades, just technology is not enough, a lot of messy ability is equally important. Everyone who knows me know that when I was a freshman I made good friends and had no words to talk about, and when I was a sophomore, I actually converged a lot. When I started going to college, I think everyone is very strong, have their own unique side, to later I found that the university is still a fool, there are a lot of people who are not worthy of contact, but still I believe my father that sentence, no matter who, after all may be useful to you, so I began to run their own network, Until then my friend circle throughout the whole of the big, I found that this sentence is still very reasonable. Really, a friend is too important for a person, at home by their parents, outside by friends, this is a eternal truth. In fact, when I was in freshman year, I had to consider, Physico to the computer department, my grades want to turn on the turn, but on second thought, I still reluctant to run their own in this part of a year of the relationship circle, these are priceless, if I went to the South school a lot of things to re-come, I am reluctant. That's one of the reasons I didn't physico at last.  My sophomore is still in the Green Association, also for the sake of communication, I want to know more people, but the results are unsatisfactory, to tell the truth, this session recruit people, I am not satisfied, the enthusiasm is generally very low, I stay in the Green Association, I really want to let the green Association in my partner and I led continue to glow fever, but I more and more found that I can't move , we several in the propaganda department, when the minister, but also feel that this session on so forget, very helpless. Would like to develop more friends, may be because I am old and do not want to say a few words, may also be too low enthusiasm, new friends and my former friends of the relationship is no more than, at the same time because the need for some courses too much, I do not have much time to drink with friends to catch up, I am sorry to apologize. I know what friend is a lifelong friend, such a friend I have a lot, I do not want to lose any one.  said so much, finally this is not interesting, I said a few wishes at the end of 2014, the first is to learn the technology, the second is to take the scholarship, the third is off the list, the first did not say, the second I have got the excellent scholarship, this also completed, Only the third in my view now, is a joke, you say I want to take off a single to find a good life, I think, I have not liked the person? I also have, but no fun, life is always joking with me, I have a lot of IQ tax on this matter, and I have a very deep contacts know something. In fact, I also have no so-called, alone on the bar. may also be a punishment, after all, I am not a good person. Now I finally understand that some things really can not be forced, some people say I am very nice and warm, and others say I have a strange temper, this is true, I do not want to share with many people my own heart of the real idea, I would rather lie to you.  Finally, I would like to quote the blog I read a sentence, but also I sent a sentence to end this smelly and long article:"Everyone goes through this stage and sees a mountain and wants to know what's behind the mountain." I would like to tell him that he may have climbed the back of the mountain and you will find nothing special. Looking back, you may find this side better. "encourage yourself and encourage everyone.     cout<< "Happy Spring Festival!" "Endl; 2016-2-6 4:29 ama snowy winter in GuangdongBy--philip          

Summary of the 2016.2.6 goat--Always on the road, always thinking

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