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The distance from freshman school has passed 2.5 of the time, and the first time I contact C language has passed 2.5. To Wang Ruizhou (hereinafter referred to as Godwang) to consult the reading of the string, 01 backpack of the scene also vividly, the blink of an instant, now is a junior.

At the end of the college entrance examination, inexplicably only want to fill the computer class of professional, perhaps out of curiosity about programming, or perhaps think the programmer is particularly handsome. After a long struggle with choosing a computer or a software project, I decided to choose software engineering because I didn't have much interest in hardware. In this way, my parents and I will be the country with software engineering major schools have found out, looking for their own places to go. Finally, I came here-Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics Information Institute.

Freshman first night, Zhang Shuai teacher and other teachers came to our bedroom, and we told a lot of college life study, mentioned ACM, it should be the first time I heard the term ACM. At that time, I was just a new, only to hear that this is a super-powerful programming contest, training very hard, in my mind is only a short stay, and not much attention. That night, but I will be magic things are teachers know, in military training, a dollar activity and the students in Singapore visit our college, the teacher let me go to perform magic.

The first freshman military training ended, began the formal university life. One of the "C Language Programming Fundamentals" of the course, is teacher Chen to our class. After class, the teacher always OJ in the school to decorate some homework, that is also my first time know OJ this kind of system. National Day Home, the first time to do homework met Fibonacci series, so far I also remember clearly, the first time to write Fibonacci series, to Wei Weixiang seniors and Shen Wenxue elder sister for help, spent 4 hours, in the past countless wrong answer, finally accepted, In the moment of obtaining accepted, the mood is simply exciting.

Because Chen is the ACM team coach, so in class, often show us seniors participate in the ACM Asia Regional Competition rankings, also often tell us about the origin of ACM, Development and gold medal. It was in that class that I got to know the design contest for the first time. At that time, I was probably really attracted to the game. So, I made up my mind to take part in ACM training, every weekend I will go to the teacher to arrange the computer room training to learn, will also be in school OJ crazy brush problems to skilled C language grammar. Brush OJ is crazy, because there is a system in the Ranklist interface, always want to see their rankings climb up, but this can only be achieved through their own efforts. During that time, I probably get up 6:00 every day and go to bed at 10:00 night, so I can say that I do the problem in the morning and evening.

Freshman Fast learning process, Godwang helped me a lot, he won the Noip first prize in high school, so these simple grammar is a piece of cake for him. At that time, I do not, often go to his bedroom to ask him questions, fortunately, he is willing to help me. In the course of my study of grammar, Chen and Godwang became my teacher of enlightenment. For me, all this is really very fortunate, can meet the ACM instructor to our class, can meet excellent classmates to help me learn, is can meet and not to beg.

See Mr. Chen released the Blue Bridge Cup singles news, I did not care, because I think I would not, to the bottom of the game can only cushion, did not go to the Blue Bridge Cup tryouts, but finally Miss Chen gave me a competition quota.

I heard that there are ACM, I am pleased to register to participate in, unfortunately, the game I only passed 3, ranked very close, only to get the third prize, completely collapsed. That was my first time in the competition, there are many reasons for the game to collapse: some of the problems of the data water, causing other people to use the wrong way to pass the problem, and I know that this method is wrong, there is no submission, there is not enough competition experience, not with the list. After the game, very depressed, the sky and heavy rain, the mood immediately like the college entrance examination, I feel very sorry to miss Chen to the Blue Bridge Cup competition, after all, there are many rankings than my classmates before I did not participate in the quota.

At the end of my freshman years, I brushed 498 questions on the OJ, and this was the case in my freshman day.

Winter vacation, I participated in 3 days of training, the teacher said the search is very important, is the foundation of ACM Primer, after home I began to self-study search (DFS, BFS). Back home that night, I opened the textbook, one line of the "Bone Temptation" code, and finally in the debug function, I initially understand the recursion. Mr. Chen has prepared two search topics for us, about 40 topics. During that time, every morning the first thing is no longer open QQ, but open hust on the teacher hung the topic began to brush. I remember that the day of the year Eve passed the last question of those years. The whole winter vacation to study the search, as well as some simple structure grammar, STL, etc., on the dynamic planning slightly involved.

After the school, Godwang asked me what I learned in the winter vacation, I said only learned to search, and then he suggested that I learn some tree array, and check set, RMQ encoded data structure, and suggest I go to open a blog to record the topic of their own code and the key. Therefore, when the beginning of the school period, I learned the tree-like array, and check set and other content, also opened a blog, from the day of the opening of the blog to today, all the AC code I have recorded down.

After, Mr. Chen carried out the Zhejiang University student Program Design Competition team, very fortunate, I and Godwang also has the day Chess Seniors group to together, our troop has been group to this year's regional tournament end. Two teammates are much better than me, I am the best dish in the team. I learned a lot of programming skills as I watched them write code during the time of the big provincial training.

Blue Bridge Cup province, we went to Zhejiang Media College competition, it was my first time out of school to play, very nervous. The final result of the game, it was simply happy, the first time out of the game to get the prize, although the Group B competition is very simple, but this is the first time, and to get the prize means that can go to Beijing University to participate in the national finals. Remember, freshman classmate is me and Godwang and xiang578 got Blue Bridge Cup first prize of the provincial race.

In the provincial races, I followed a strong teammate to win the gold medal.

First time to Beijing, first out of province, the first time on the train overnight ... All this is very strange to me, after arriving in Beijing, we went to visit Peking University and Tsinghua University, really very big. The result of the game I won a second prize, Godwang is the first prize, the day Chess seniors are top prize. For me, still very happy Ah, completely as a trip.

After the game is over, I and the teacher said I want to learn the knowledge of the part of the graph theory, the teacher called me to the office, gave me a picture of the book, and then I went back to see, after a few months, until the end of the summer camp, I learned that book, learned a lot of knowledge, have the shortest, minimum spanning tree, Binary graph matching, network flow, cost flow and so on.

Originally I thought, the ACM contest will be like the college Entrance Examination Mathematics general, most topics are to send the question, usually earnest study can make out. However, this thought was completely overturned after I learned the network stream. This is a competition of wisdom, for the students to participate in this competition, self-learning ability is generally more powerful, that is to learn an algorithm is relatively easy things, spend time, spend energy must be able to understand the true meaning of the algorithm, difficult is the use of algorithms to solve problems. The algorithm is just a tool in a step of solving a problem, rather than a topic that you want to set up an algorithm.

Time goes by quickly, sophomore school, to prepare to go to regional races. Our team went to Changchun station, Beijing Station and Ecfinal station. This is last year's game experience and sentiment During the game gap, I spent a lot of time to learn the algorithm data structure of line segment tree, 2-sat and so on.

After the regional game, I finished my Zhang Shuai Teacher C # Final course assignment. To apply my knowledge, I spent a week writing a destroy the stars. Http://

Sophomore winter vacation, in the advice of chess seniors, I began to go to the codeforces to do the topic, feel that the style of the topic and the game is very similar. During that period, I also got into the dynamic planning of the sea, crazy to do a variety of dynamic programming topics, Linear Dp,dag DP, tree DP, interval DP, pressure DP, do a lot of DP, do these, feel the analysis of the state has a more profound understanding, many many algorithms are the transfer between States, Analysis of the state is particularly important.

To the sophomore, that is, the beginning of 2016, is a cycle, began the Blue Bridge Cup, Zhejiang University students Program Design competition, Blue Bridge Cup final. This time to Blue Bridge Cup, I have more confidence, in the Blue Bridge province won the first prize, and then went to the Beijing final, this trip to Beijing only left me, Godwang and xiang578, the final found what the topic will not write, had to violence, the test came out we all feel the big crash. Scores out, I and xiang578 have won the first prize, very fortunate, this year I was the number one, the grand prize is the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology participated in the ACM Global Finals of the great God. In our discussion group, the day chess seniors also joked that our team is a perpetual dick .... This year's provincial races, the more thrilling, the last violent enumeration + greedy problem, because of a small error, has been WA, until finally we find the wrong, finally found the problem, near misses, followed by teammates took the gold.

In the first half of this year, we first went to Pat Serie B and got a full score. After finishing the grade-a question bank, in the grade-a examination also got the perfect score. Brush Pat Class One of the biggest gains is the speed and accuracy of the coding has been greatly improved.

Summer vacation, we have a multi-school training, the training of the problem is really a bit big, but I have been able to make some independent problems, this is completely I can experience. After each game, will not be the problem to look at the solution to solve problems, in the process of the problem also summed up a number of problem-solving experience, exposure to a lot of new algorithmic knowledge: suffix array, FFT, the largest right to close the sub-chart, CDQ and so on ..., summer training harvest is very big.

I still remember a problem, after thinking for a long time finally have the idea, and then open the computer began to knock, after countless times after the wa,tle, finally got AC, it was early morning, the results of an exciting night did not sleep.

Remember one time to do codeforces on a structural problem, thinking immediately, but the program will have a lot of details, write the submission found in the 92nd set of test data when the answer is wrong, that is to say the first 91 groups of answers are correct, then it is almost collapse. At the end of the 1:30, I found a situation that had not been considered before, and then AC ... on the ACM Road, there are so exciting and touching moments.

This semester of regional competition, I have the deepest image is the Qingdao division that cost flow of the topic, the first to see that problem, I feel able to AC, and solve the main points also thought, but is tle. After the game to listen to the problem is a floating-point error caused by the timeout, plus an EPS elimination error or a double change to float can be ac ..., it was a collapse, that is, if the first time we submitted the code is mainly to this small problem, then in that game can win gold ... After all, the idea of solving the problem is completely correct. It seems that every game, there are many teams can have problems we will not do, and then continue to broaden the problem-solving ideas, experience ...

To participate in the ACM to improve my ability to express, teachers often arrange seniors to learn younger brother learning sister lectures, want to put a thorough, oneself must master its fundamental, but also have good expression ability, after from freshman to now so many lectures, I can appreciate the expression of their ability to become a lot stronger.

To participate in ACM also improve my work and the ability to behave, a period of time before the court, I participated in from the proposition, sorting questions to purchase balloons, stepping balloons, hair balloons and a series of things, made a summary

ACM contests, a lot of people are from getting started to giving up. Our Gang (days chess seniors, Godwang, I, xiang578,haihongs) from the freshman insisted to today, have a harvest. I am very fortunate to be able to meet like-minded friends who can learn in 94,061, sleep together, and fight for the same goal. In this field, there are many people with high IQs and more people working hard. After so many games, broaden a lot of horizons, that took the younger brothers to the Ningbo CCPC final, witnessed the Tsinghua University God Ben to solve the problem, really is breathtaking. To participate in this competition, there is a good thing is not self-expansion, will always feel that they are very food, because always can see a strong ranking than their own before, I can do is always holding a humble attitude of continuous learning, and constantly accumulate and summarize, and constantly surpass the day before. Just like the ranking of the game, if you start from a certain point of time can not AC, then the rankings will only fall not rise.

In the next time, I would like to continue to participate in ACM, this semester more games, quiet down to learn a few opportunities. The next semester basically have no class, plan in winter vacation and the next semester to find the feeling of crazy brush problem before. Looking back at what you have learned, think about yourself really very dishes, not learning how much knowledge, and learned are not difficult. There are a lot of things to learn and you have to improve your skills. If there is a company interview opportunity, also willing to try.

For the training program of younger brothers and sisters, I suggest to start with something simple, first of all the grammar can not have any problems, to brush the Pat B topic. must also learn simple data structure and algorithms, at least the classroom requirements will be, you can first learn to search, and then brush Pat a title. Then began to learn the algorithm, the beginning can learn simple and easy to write algorithms, such as two points, three points, simple dynamic programming, construction and some simple number theory problems, open up the thinking, because these problems generally do not exist high-difficulty algorithm knowledge, are based on thinking, these topics can be codeforces Div2 the first three questions can also do some large-coded simulation problems, training coding speed and accuracy. After that you can brush the topic began to learn some tree arrays, RMQ, and search sets, line tree and other better-written data structure, network flow, binary map, such as graph theory knowledge; ac automata, suffix arrays, palindrome tree string processing tools, and do some number theory, calculate the geometry of the topic. But in the process of learning the algorithm, I think that only learn the algorithm is unreasonable, or need to cooperate with the Codeforces topic to flexibly use the algorithm knowledge to solve the problem. Also must let the study younger brother learns the younger sisters to know, this is not a set of algorithm competition, but is a thought competition, the algorithm is solves the problem the process the auxiliary tool. Do codeforce the topic does not necessarily require the site to do, after the game do not have much relationship, the general Div.2 of the topic to do 4 or can, for the problem to think about, see the puzzle also to write out.

Summary of the 2016

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