Summary of the cookie and session

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Cookies Session
Storage location
stored in the browser

The real file exists on the server

, K exists in browser

Low, easy to forge Higher security than cookies
Set up
Setcookie () function

Session_Start () after passing through PU

Pass function operation

Available Storage type
Scalar type: int, float, char, bool, NULL All types except Resources
Life cycle

Set by the third parameter

such as: Setcookie (' School ', ' XTU ', Time () +15);

Set by php.ini file



Valid path

Set by the fourth parameter

Setcookie (' School ', ' Kefeng ', Time () +5, '/');

Depends on the valid path of the cookie

PHP.ini can be configured in:


Valid domain name

Set by the fifth parameter

String ' '

Depending on the valid domain name of the cookie

PHP.ini can be configured in:


$_cookie["] $_session["]

Setcookie (",", 0)

Setcookie (",", Time ()-1)

Four methods of Destruction:

1. Destroy a unit:

unset ($_session[' School ');

2. Overall Clearance:

$_session = Array ();

3, the use of the overall elimination of functions:

Session_unset ();

4, the boxes are not:

Session_destory ()


Between the browser and the server

The server in the data interaction

Data is transmitted via HTTP headers

To the browser next time Exchange

Over HTTP headers to the server

Store k in this process

(Number of browser-to-server

(interactive) v is stored on the server

In the process, the browser and the service

The data that the service interacts with is K.

The above describes the cookie and session summary, including the aspects of the content, I hope the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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