Summary of the first document

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After learning the software engineering video, I started to write the first document of the charging system for the IDC room. I have not written a summary after the completion. The following is a picture I drew based on the document.


After learning the document, we should know that every stage of software engineering should have a summary of the document. Documentation is crucial, because in the development process, technicians and system analysts communicate according to the documentation. Therefore, the document must be very detailed and all functional requirements should be clearly stated.

Describes in detail the preparation of documents on the cycle of software engineering.

Problem definition

What problems should we solve? This is the most important step, because if the problem is not clearly analyzed, blindly doing so is likely to cause huge losses due to misunderstanding.

Feasibility Study

The key issue at this stage is: there are feasible solutions to the problems identified in the previous stage, which are analyzed in terms of technology, economy, and benefit, and whether the problem is valuable. The results of the feasibility study are an important basis for the customer to decide whether to continue the project.

Requirement Analysis

At this stage, the key is to accurately determine "what the system wants to do to solve the problem", mainly to determine what functions the target system must possess. At this stage, the system analyst must work closely with the user to fully exchange information to obtain the user-confirmed system logic model, laying the foundation for future design and implementation of the target system. Another important task is to use documents to accurately record system requirements, that is, specification documents.

Overall Design

"How to implement the system ?" Determine the problem-solving strategy and the program to be included in the system, and design the program architecture, that is, determine the modules of the program and the relationship between the modules.

Detailed Design

"How to implement the system ?" Detailed specification for the design system. The programmer can write the actual program code according to this specification. Design each module in detail and determine the algorithm and data structure required to implement the module functions.

Coding and unit testing

Write program modules that are easy to understand and maintain. Carefully test each module.

Comprehensive Test

Use various tests to make the software meet the predefined requirements. Integrated testing and acceptance testing: Save the detailed plan and test results of the test plan with official documents, that is, the test analysis report.

Software maintenance

Through a variety of necessary maintenance activities, the system can persistently meet user needs. There are four main types: corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance, perfect maintenance, and preventive maintenance. You can take a simple look.

Summary of the first document

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