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1. use sed to insert a line break] # sed & amp; #39; s /\(. \) {n \}/\ n/g & amp; #39; in file, the n in braces indicates inserting a line break 2 after the n character. the windows line break ^ M. use the built-in replacement function of vi to delete the following esc input: % s/^ M //...



Use sed to insert line breaks

] # Sed's/\ (. \) {n \}/\ n/g' file


N in braces indicates that a line break is inserted after n characters.



If you view a windows file under vi, the windows line break ^ M will appear. you can delete the file by using the replacement feature provided by vi.

Click esc


: % S/^ M/g


^ M is input by pressing ctrl + v, ctrl + m.



Bash is being compared

-Ne,-eq,-le,-lt,-ge, and-gt are all used for numerical size comparison.


= ,! =: These are used for string comparison.



Reference shell variables in awk

I think the best way is


] # From_shell = "hi awk"

] # Awk '{print' "$ from_shell" '}'


This makes it difficult to have other problems.



In scripts or other places, sometimes the result of some commands must be assigned to the variable value.

You can use ''or $ ()

For example

#! /Bin/bash

For I in 'seq 1 5'


Echo $ I



#! /Bin/bash

For I in $ (seq 1 5)


Echo $ I




] # Sed-n'/keyword/{n; p }'

The next line of the output keyword


] # Grep-A 2 keyword

The next two lines of the output keyword



Write a simple version of cluster server management

This script runs normally after the trust relationship is established


#! /Bin/bash



#] #./ root server-list.txt "ls-l/home"


If [$ #-ne 3]


Echo "Usage: $0 "

Exit 1



For server_list in $ (cat $2)


Ssh $1 @ $ server_list $3


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