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E-mails have become an important tool for people to interact with each other on the Internet. According to statistics, although less than 30% of Internet users browsed web page information on a daily basis, more than 70% of Internet users are using e-mails. In particular, with the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, more and more people are sending confidential information via email.
Therefore, it is increasingly important to ensure that documents sent in emails are not intercepted or stolen by others except the recipient. Once commercial emails expose trade secrets, e-commerce will lose its charm. Once personal privacy is leaked through e-mail, personal security will be greatly threatened. Below I have summarized several email encryption software on the market.

1. GnuPG (free product)

GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard) is a GNU tool that ensures data transmission and storage security. It can be used to encrypt data and create digital signatures. GnuPG includes advanced key management tools and complies with the OpenPGP international standards described in RFC2440.
GnuPG is an email encryption software based on RSA asymmetric key system,

: Http://

We recommend that you download Gpg4win. GPG4Win (GnuPGforWindows) is an installation program that contains utility software such as GnuPG, WinPT, and GPA.

Ii. MailCloak (free product and paid product)

MailCloak is an email encryption software developed by a Singapore company. It is named as an electronic mail, and is an innovative security component for email content encryption.

This software unexpectedly supports IE, IE kernel browsers, and Firefox browsers. It is absolutely good news for users who are used to sending and receiving emails through Webmail. The electronic mail supports Webmail extensively, supports both Gmail and Yahoo! Mail and Live Mail also support email addresses such as 126, 163, Sina, Sohu, Tom, 21cn, and QQ. In addition, email Mail also supports many email clients, for example, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Foxmail are easy to use.

E-mail should also be originated from GnuPG's asymmetric key encryption system, but IT is much easier to use than GnuPG and PGP, especially for non-IT professionals.


3. PGP (charged products)

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a mail encryption software based on the RSA public key encryption system, originated from GnuPG. It can be used to keep the email confidential to prevent unauthorized users from reading the email. It can also add a digital signature to the email so that the recipient can confirm the sender of the email and be sure that the email has not been tampered. It can provide a secure communication method, without any confidential channels used to transmit keys. It adopts a combination of RSA and traditional encryption algorithms, which are used for the Digest algorithm of digital signatures, pre-encryption compression, and so on. It also has a good man-machine engineering design. It has powerful functions and a fast speed.

Unfortunately, the current PGP product is completely commercialized. To use this product, you need to pay expensive usage fees. In addition, because such products are restricted products exported from the United States to China, therefore, it is not easy to purchase. Most importantly, PGP software is very professional and complex. If you are not an IT professional, IT is quite difficult to use IT.

Company Website:

Iv. FireGPG (free product)

FireGPG is a Firefox browser plug-in that supports Gmail mailbox encryption. Based on GnuPG technology, FireGPG is compatible with OpenPGP and GnuPG. FireGPG also supports digital identity authentication and encrypted API interfaces. In general, FireGPG is easy to use, but it is not very convenient to only support Gmail mail.

: Https://

5. Gmail S/MIME (free product)

Gmail S/MIME is also a Firefox browser plug-in that encrypts and protects Gmail mailboxes based on personal digital certificates. Therefore, you must first apply for your personal electronics

Email certificate, recommended by the authors of Gmail S/MIME to for a free personal email certificate.

I recommend that you apply for a free personal email certificate at the following two sites:

Http:// (Germany)

Gmail S/MIME only supports Gmail mailboxes. it is not convenient to encrypt other mailboxes.

: Https://

Vi. Omail (charges are not available)

Omail is a dedicated email encryption client. Omail uses an identity-based (IBC/IBE) encryption system. It also provides dedicated Microsoft Outlook and Foxmail encryption plug-ins. To use Omail, You need to register a user with the MYIBC center of the Olympic union and download your own public/private key. The user's public key exchange is also exchanged through the MYIBC center. This means that the public and private keys of all users are on the Apsara stack server. Although convenient, the security is still discounted.

: Https://

In addition to the use of email encryption software, users must also enhance their awareness of email security and confidentiality. The current Internet is really insecure, any trojan or sniffing program can easily intercept sensitive information of users. As long as users are not careful, they may leak business secrets. Don't underestimate this small E-mail, it is likely to bring you significant economic losses! I have a friend who used a "sniffer" (a software that can intercept and analyze data packets) in the LAN to intercept an E-mail related to making money on the network, the login ID and password of the advertising system are obtained. That is to say, the author's friends can easily access the advertiser's Web system, modify the recipient's name and address, and apply for payment immediately. In this case, the victim spent a few months earning money online and moved into the pockets of his friends. This is the consequence of email leaks! Be careful! Your email needs to be kept confidential!

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