Summary of the tky project in the third half-month

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In the first two articles, the tky project is introduced. The first article mainly introduces the overall architecture of the project, the progress of the project, the advantages of the project and the problems existing in the development; the second article mainly introduces what happened in a relatively important test in the project. Today, we will talk about the experiences of these half months.

In general, the project successfully passed the test of the Evaluation Center. The manager understands the hard work of the previous stage, so he just took a week to rest. This week, everyone is coming off work. The only job is to make a summary of the previous work and then do what they want.

After a week of repairs, we will start the second round of fighting. In the near future, leaders may look at our system. Therefore, we need to build a demo environment. There may be many other such cases, and we cannot run the development environment in full place every time. The people from the last evaluation center came to the test and the use of the development environment was also a last resort.

That is to say, it is a matter of time to solve the Legacy problems and deploy the demo environment. The manager hoped that I would solve this problem as soon as possible and gave me the only wireless network card in our group (although it was very slow, I could only say it was better than nothing). I also knew that I had to shoulder the heavy lifting and did not dare to slack.

Brief Introduction to environment --

Three virtual machines: ArcGIS map service, WCF Service, and Oracle. When accessing the database, the WCF Service reports errors when using the distributed transaction function. An error is often reported during the setup of the demo environment:

"A later version of the Oracle client is required. I installed the latest client on both the server and client, but this error is still reported.

The reason was not found.

Then I started to ask for help from people who participated in Environment Building, various types of calls, various chats, and fruitless.

Later, there were various attempts, some netizens said: the hard disk has NTFs and FAT32 formats. When oracle is installed in the NTFS format, there is no access permission by default. This problem is not solved when it is installed in the FAT32 format. Oracle won't be installed on the NTFS disk, right? Then I quickly set the access permission.

Later I found that the client displays two NICs. No, this machine is a single Nic.

After being disabled, it can be accessed again, but there is still a distributed transaction problem. After that, I began to analyze the problem from start to end. This was not a solution. I had to solve the seven or eight Miscellaneous problems one by one, so I don't know when to solve them. Look at the time. It's almost six o'clock. It's so painful to go home.

Along the way, I was thinking about how to change my mind. In fact, I have been questioning whether there is a problem with installing oracle in a virtual machine and releasing WCF? Why are there so many machines? If you want to solve the problem, you still need to solve the problem. Therefore, I decided to create an experiment on my machine tomorrow, publish a WCF Service, and try it first.

The next day, I published a WCF Service in my notebook without any Oracle client problems or transaction problems.

Therefore, the problem is obvious. There is a problem with the VM of the WCF Service. Therefore, I simply found a clean machine, re-released the WCF Service on it, installed the client, and configured access permissions. The Oracle client is no longer reported, and there is no transaction problem.

It took a whole day and a half to solve the problem in the morning. Both the manager and I are satisfied. With regard to this question, I just want to say "one click, one click ". This problem has never been solved, and no one wants to touch it. This time, it is also a heart disease for us.

In the afternoon, the manager asked me to stop my work and told me a lot about communication middleware. Communication Middleware shuttle has been planning since the beginning of the project, and now I have finally begun to work on it. I am also very excited to hand over the task to me.

After studying it for a while, I was so discouraged that there were not many English documents on the Content of shuttle and there was almost no Chinese language. However, this is nothing to say. After all, it is a relatively new open-source project.

I have just started my research on shuttle. I have mixed my face on the official website and made several demos. I will introduce the specific content in subsequent blogs. Thank you for your attention.

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