Summary of using database transactions in Yii

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Summary of using database transactions in Yii

The Yii framework supports Database Transaction processing. For more information about transactions, see the article on this site:

About database (MySQL) Transactions

Transactions are generally used when batch deletion is encountered in a project. We will share a usage example below.

<? Php $ array = array (0 => array ('username' => 'phpernote. com_0 ', 'Password' => '000000'), 1 => array ('username' => 'U _ 1', 'Password' => '000000 '), 2 => array ('username' => 'U _ 2', 'Password' => '000000'); $ transaction = Yii: app () -> db-> dbConnection-> beginTransaction (); // here db represents the definition in main. php database connection object dbtry {Yii: app ()-> db-> createCommand ()-> insert ('tbl _ user', $ array [0]); Yii:: app ()-> db-> createCommand ()-> insert ('tbl _ user', $ array [1]); Yii: app () -> db-> createCommand ()-> insert ('tbl _ user', $ array [2]); $ transaction-> commit ();} catch (Exception $ e) {$ transaction-> rollback ();}

Note: If you are using a MySQL database, the table engine must be of the innodb type. Because the MyISAM engine of the MySQL database does not support transaction processing, the above Code will not achieve the expected purpose.

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