Summary of various compilation errors for IOS

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1, Error:macro names must be identifiers yourproject_prefix.pch

Cause: Because you soiled the preprocessor macro, it was modified when it was in <multiple values>

Workaround: Configiration Select all Configirations, clear it and redefine your DEBUG,RELEASE,DISTRIBUTIN preprocessor macro separately

2. Warning:no rule to process file ' $ (project_dir)/loadingview.h ' of type sourcecode.c.h for Architecture ARMv6

Reason: Target compile sources contains the header file, where the face does not need a header file

Workaround: Delete the header file from target compile sources

3. Command/developer/platforms/iphoneos.platform/developer/library/xcode/plug-ins/iphoneos Build System Support.xcplugin/contents/resources/copypng failed with exit code 1

Cause: PNG image file copy failed, look at the information above to suggest can ' t find which file, generally is deleted from the file system files without the result of Xcode deletion, Xcode project configuration file still records the reference of this file

Workaround: Add the appropriate file to the filesystem or delete it from Xcode's groups & files, or delete it from Target's copy Bundle resources

4. Code sign error:the identity ' iPhone developer:your Name ' doesn ' t match any valid certificate/private key pair in the Default Keychain

Cause: Signature Error

Workaround: Modify signature, Code Signing, Build, Target, Get Info

Remember that the configuration type in the upper-left corner corresponds to the current build type (Debug, Release, distribution), or change to white

5, could not create bundle folder for versioned model *.moda (as if this suffix name of this file)

Cause: compiling Once will result in a new

Solution: should be compiled out of the Moda files are deleted, and then clean under the project, re-build can

6, Error:there is no valid certificate/private key pairs in the default keychain

7. Error:cannot assign to "self" outside of a method in the Init family

Cause: You can only be assigned to self in the Init method, and Xcode determines whether the Init method rule: method returns the ID, and the name starts with the init + capital Letter + other as the guideline. For example:-(ID) initwithxxx;

Error Code :-(ID) myinit{

self = [super init];



WORKAROUND:-(ID) initwithmy


self = [super init];


Summary of various compilation errors for IOS

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