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Windows 7 desktop content:

1. Windows 7 new taskbar. Windows 7 taskbar not only displays applications in the current windowProgramTo display other opened labels. Right-click the icon in the Windows 7 taskbar to open the so-called hop menu.

2. Aero peek. In the display mode of "Aero peek", only the selected windows are displayed normally, while other windows are transparent, leaving only translucent borders. Of course, aero shake looks better.

3. Windows 7 taskbar thumbnails. You only need to hover your mouse over a taskbar icon and replace the standard information prompt. You will see a small snapshot of a window.

4. Windows 7 Start Menu. To change the color of the Start menu, the color of the Start menu will change with the different aero color themes. It will not always be the dark color of Vista. Another important change in the Start menu is the search above. The search result occupies the entire Start Menu, instead of changing the column on the right like Vista. As a result, many search results can only be displayed in a small space, the content is often truncated due to incomplete display.

5. Action Center. Windows 7 removes the security center originally introduced with Windows XP SP2 and replaces it with the Action Center. The mobility center contains prompts for the top 10 windows features.

6. aeroshake. If a user creates many windows on the desktop, but only wants to use one of them, and minimizes others, you can place the cursor on the title bar of the window to be retained, press and hold the left mouse button to shake the mouse twice, and the other windows will "disappear", then shake the mouse twice, and then return again, and maintain the previous layout.

7. Desktop slideshow. Windows 7 supports the desktop slideshow slide wallpaper playback function.

8. New fonts. The "add font" dialog box in Windows 7 no longer exists. In addition, there are also a number of font management improvements in Windows 7 worth mentioning. In addition, there are also some font management improvements worth mentioning on Windows 7.

9. Windows tool bar. Obtain the height of the Windows toolbar, that is, the toolbar where "start" is located. The Windows 7 toolbar is more convenient.

10. user interface. The User Interface of Windows 7 is more beautiful, so that users can enjoy more value intuitively.

11. New installation process. In Windows 7, the installation process becomes easier, and some processes become automatic, shortening the installation time.

12. Faster startup speed. Windows 7 is faster than other Windows versions.

13. minwin. Microsoft confirmed that Windows 7 contains minwin.

14. 256 processors are supported. The number of supported processors has increased from 64 of Windows Server 2008 to 256. It also supports hot migration and new powershell scripting languages.

15. Touch function. Windows 7 has other versions without touch screen technology. Compared with the mouse, touch technology is faster, more convenient, and more intuitive.

16. integrated functions. In Windows 7, many functions are integrated, such as emails, photo editing, and other traditional functions.

17. Windows 7 Driver audit. Compared with windows, the audit function of the Windows 7 driver is more comprehensive.

18. Windows 7 home groups. Windows 7 allows you to easily integrate images, music, videos, files, and devices.

19. Windows sensors and positioning platforms. Windows 7 hardware sensor devices such as microphones, accelerometer or motion detectors. The software-based Windows 7 sensor can respond to information received from the network or the Internet. In Windows 7, two programming interface APIs are built in, one of which will interact with the positioning sensor, and the other will directly correspond to the location service.

20. Windows 7 troubleshooting. Compared with Windows Vista, the next version of Windows client will be able to solve problems such as programs, devices, networks, printing, display, and sound.

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