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1. Retrieve Win8 Start Menu

Have experienced WIN8 system users will find that the WIN8 has no Start button and Start menu, although the use of Win7 does not feel how important they are, until they are canceled, only to find that if there is no Start button and Start menu, the system is indeed a little inconvenient to use. In fact, although there is no Start button in the Win8, but the original position of the Start button is retained a small portion, like the Win7 in the lower right corner of the display desktop area. Move the mouse over here, and you will see a thumbnail of the Win8 Metro interface, and click to switch directly to the Metro interface.

2.win8 Metro interface Thumbnail

With the left mouse button click on the start, open the Start menu, find the program you need, this series of operations has become a habit, so maybe everyone did not notice, in fact, Win8 did not completely cancel the Start menu. As long as the original Start button location, click the right mouse button, you will be in the pop-up menu to see a lot of familiar features. Includes command prompt, control Panel, search, run, and so on.

3.win8 hidden "Start Menu"

This hidden "Start menu" although it does not look like the previous function rich, but for the users just accept Win8, or a lot of convenience, can continue to use some of the past habits, so that the new system is no longer unfamiliar.

New shutdown method of 4.WIN8 system

Without the Start menu, what about the shutdown? Do you want to press the power switch directly? Of course not. In the WIN8, the shutdown operation also has some small changes, and Win8 shutdown method is more than one.

Under the traditional or Morden interface of WIN8, the mouse arrow points to the upper-right corner of the screen, and a black sidebar appears on the right side of the screen, with some function buttons on it.

(1) slide to the right corner to appear charm bar

Clicking on the last "Settings" button pops up six settings, including network, volume, brightness, notification, power, and language. Click on the "Power" button, you can see the shutdown option.

(2) Click on "Power" to select the shutdown

This is the most traditional shutdown method, if you feel that this is a bit of a hassle, you can press the keyboard shortcut directly to the Shutdown dialog box.

(3) shortcut key shutdown

Under the Windows interface, press the "ALT+F4" key on your keyboard to eject the Win8 shutdown menu. The shutdown can also be done by selecting shutdown in the Drop-down list and clicking on the OK button.

4. Traditional interface and Morden interface switch

Morden interface is the biggest feature of Win8, it is completely different from the traditional Windows interface, and WIN8 system startup will be the default first to open the Morden interface, to go back to the familiar Windows desktop is also very easy, through the mouse click or keyboard shortcuts to the two interface between the switch.

In the Morden interface, there is a tile called "desktop" that can be clicked to switch to a traditional Windows desktop.

(1) Click on "desktop" magnetic paste back to the traditional Windows interface

In the traditional Windows interface, the mouse point to the lower left corner of the screen, that is, where the previous Start button, the system will pop up a Morden interface thumbnail, click the left mouse button will switch back to the Morden interface.

(2) In the traditional interface click on the lower left corner of the screen

If you think that using the mouse to switch is not very convenient, such as the use of laptops, and without a mouse, the pointer to move to a fixed position is far from using keyboard shortcuts faster.

In our keyboard has always been a Windows key, the past it's not much of a chance to use, and in the WIN8, this key has finally been valued by everyone.

(3) Windows key fast Switch WIN8 interface

No matter which interface in Win8, you can switch to another interface as soon as you click the Windows key.

5.Morden Interface Application Switching

In the traditional Windows interface, if you want to switch between running programs, just click the appropriate window in the taskbar. And how do you switch applications without a Start menu in the Win8 Morden interface?

In the WIN8 system, whether the user in the Metro interface or the traditional Windows interface, as long as the mouse in accordance with the "upper left corner of the screen (bottom left)-left line" method to move, you can switch interface mode, and display the current system background is running the application. Mouse run track (gesture) as follows:

(1) mouse trajectory (can also be the lower left corner)

(2) The left side can appear running applications

(3) Windows interface

Note that users in the Metro interface to run Full-screen class applications or games can also achieve the above switching operation, but in the traditional Windows interface can not be.

6.win8 Start screen personality settings

Compared to Win7, WIN8 customization is no longer limited to desktop wallpaper, but also a start screen and a locking interface. There are three different ways to Win8 desktop personalization, one for opening in Control Panel and one for right-clicking on the desktop and choosing "Personalize" to open, which is completely indistinguishable from Win7. In addition, there is a way to Win8 specific, move the mouse over the top right corner of the desktop or in the lower-right corner and exhale the charm bar, and then select the Personalization option in the Settings option.

(1) Personalized Settings location

Win8 desktop personalization, like Win7, can be used directly with the system's own theme scheme, and can also be set for wallpaper, colors, sounds, and screensavers, and to save custom themes for use at any time.

(2) Desktop personalization settings and Win7 difference is not

Set up the personalized items of the desktop, the following will enter into the WIN8 personalized focus, but also a new concept of the beginning of the interface. Enter the beginning of the interface after the same move the mouse out of the charm bar, in the settings to select the bottom of the "Change computer settings" option, the first to see is personalized settings.

The personalization settings of the Win8 start interface are divided into three parts, namely, the lock screen, the start screen and the user avatar. The lock screen settings can use the system's own wallpapers, or you can add your favorite wallpaper as a lock screen interface. In addition, the lock screen interface also supports the display of application messages, such as receiving new mail, even under the lock screen interface we can see notification reminders.

7. Lock Screen Setting

The start screen can not currently add a custom background, but the system provides users with 20 background patterns and 25 color matching scheme, I believe that can fully meet the user's requirements. As for the user head here is not much to introduce, just select the good picture added to it.

8. Start Screen Setup

Visible from the above, users can from the lock screen to the beginning of the interface to the desktop completely personalized customization, so that their computers from the outside are different.

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