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I got up at this morning and set off on time at, because the road to LA is very congested.

The first session is keynote. Ray Ozzie roughly introduced some of Microsoft's next-generation strategies and directions. Then several VPNs took the lead in demonstrating some applications.

Ray Ozzie mentioned that many enterprises are currently promoting virtualization and cloud computing. The big background is that enterprises must face the world and are bound to build more data centers. For example, if there was only one data center and multiple data centers need to be built before, at this time, they may face high-cost maintenance, however, both the system and application should consider high availability, Dr, data synchronization, and performance adaptation, such as the peak value during festivals. These problems involve professional IT teams, which may be very wasteful and costly for small enterprises.

Enterprise applications generally have three layers: desktop applications and their own data center layer, followed by the web layer for end customers. Today, we mainly talk about cloud computing, that is, Web virtualization.

Then I proposed a new service platform, windows on the cloud, or Windows azure for short.

Corresponding to the on-promise platform in normal times, it may be mainly based on window server, with. net, BizTalk Server, SQL Server, Sharepoint, and dynamic CRM.

Currently, Windows azure mainly includes several services, which are deployed on the cloud. Host is in Microsoft's own datacenter. Currently, it is only in the United States and will be extended to other regions in the future.

The corresponding azure service has

. Net service

Live SVC

SQL Service

SharePoint SVC

Dynamic CRM SVC

Then a VP wearing a red sneakers and a black suit came out and talked about Microsoft's implementation of azure. The main factors were taken into consideration,

This VP was very serious when talking about it. Everyone saw his red-ball shoes all wanted to laugh, but the photographer did not take pictures of their red shoes, and then swept them to their suits.

How to Implement scalable hosting is mentioned in the using hyper-V

Isolation, firewall, VLAN, etc. features are used.

And automatic SVC Management

Zero downtime, SVC versioning, switch time

Then how to model your own servicemodel

Roles, groups, interfaces, channel and endpoints

Configuration settings is also mentioned, which is XML and can be edited by any tool. It looks similar to the configuration of WCF

For high availability, caching and auto load balancing are used,


Svc mgmt, virtualizaed compute, blobs, tables, queues, locks

Rich developer experience

Use your Visual Studio to debug SVC on the cloud, same tool, similar skill transfer

Then an engineer wrote a hello World. This guy is also wearing red shoes and humorous.

In Visual Studio, a cloud service template is added and your common web application is written. After compilation, two files are generated. One is the configuration information, the other is the DLL-contained component, and then can be uploaded to the cloud SVC portal. You can run it.

Simple helloworld is not fun, and then, a complicated web applicationProgramDemonstration: This application uses azure's queue service and data storage, namely SQL data service, and uses Silverlight for a dashboard. Not bad

Next, we will discuss in detail the meanings of some services.

SVC computing requirements

Interoperability, business processes

Identity and security

Data management and compliance

Service Movement

. Net SVC

Service Bus

Access Control

Workflow SVC

Federation identity SVC (AD, Geneva, live SVC,. Net sv c)


Data Base

Data sync

Data Mining



Reference data

Then Hawn davision made a redprairie demo, using dynamic CRM and SharePoint SVC

In a simple process, CRM can define a template, such as a weekly report template. After you submit a document, you can start workflow SVC, such as approval. After approval, it is automatically placed in Sharepoint.

The CTP version is available. You can try it and download the SDK.

Next, let's talk about C #4.0. It's about Anders. The master is the Master. It's very simple and friendly.

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