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Summary (screen resolution, common font, font size) 1. Screen resolution summary 1920-1080//1080p is commonly known as full HD (Sony super-spelling), previously only seen on TV (computer with 1920x1200), but began to appear in the 1080p panel notebook, like the second generation of Acer Gem Machine, advertised can "let the screen full of screens, without leaving black edge." 1366-768//WXGA refers to 1366x768, which is the most common resolution for LCD TV panels. 1600-900//This is LG's TN screen 1280-800/WXGA first refers to 1366x768 (a wide version of 1024x768) and is the most common resolution of the LCDTV panel. But on the computer, WXGA usually refers to the 1280x800 resolution, which usually appears on the 13~15 "laptop. 1280-720//720P is a display format that achieves 1280x720 resolution at a progressive scan. is the fusion of digital film imaging technology and computer technology. 1024-768//to the era of SVGA, IBM has lost the monopoly of the market, the PC industry has formally entered the era of contention. Although the specification of XGA is defined by IBM, it is actually only one of the many Super VGA specifications of the year. XGA finally becomes synonymous with the resolution of 1024x768. 2. Common Font Summary

3. Different font size summary

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