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Just like the Big Bang, the discipline is infinitely extending.
The emergence of the Network creates the transfer of information, the emergence of a search engine, and then the emergence of SEO.
The day before yesterday, I began to peat Seo. I will summarize my knowledge about Seo tonight:


What search engine marketing does is to fully and effectively use search engines for network marketing and promotion. Search engine marketing pursues the highest cost effectiveness. With the smallest investment, it obtains the highest access volume of potential customers from search engines and generates commercial value.

1 entity:
1> website, 2> Google search for Spider, 3> people. Core entity: Website
2. Number of entities:
1> Website: N.
2> Google: 1 (not to mention Baidu or Yahoo)
3> People: 3. People who make good use of the network, people who do not use the network, and people who maliciously destroy the use of the network.
3. entity subdivision:
1> website CSS and HTML code
2> independent website pages (each subpage)
3> website Domain Name

Object Attributes :..........

4. Internal Relationship of an object:
1 Website
1> Composition 2>, 2> Composition 3>, is an incremental inclusion relationship.
5 relationships between entities:
First-level relationship
Website --- people --------------> Provide information
Person ----- website ------------> View information

Google -- website ------------- crawls website information and evaluates the importance of the website
Website -- Google --------------- improve materials and network information

People --- Google -------------- get the desired information through Google

Google -- people ----------------- provides valuable information for people based on the habits and needs of most people.
Layer 2 Relationship
The relationship between the entity's child body (HTML code, child page,) and people and Google

Layer-3 Relationship
Plus the time period, the time relationship between the first two layers.

The mathematical formula should be 15 relationships. The analysis is complex.

The purpose of the analysis is to improve Google's ranking for Seo. Therefore, many relationships can be cut down and the time entity can be added.

Entity relationships (direct relationships) related to SEO: Relationships between Google and websites (three child entities.

Entity-indirect relationship with Seo: relationship between people and the Internet

Relationship without value: relationship between people and Google.


First explore the direct relationship: Google and the website (the relationship between the three child entities)


1. Features of entities:

Website features:

Google's features: Google's search features and cheating features

2 Relationship between entities:
1> relationship between Google spider and Website: according to the weight of the website, PR is given.
2> relationship between Google spider and single page:
3> relationship between Google spider and code (internal, HTML, etc.): Link (external) Meta, description
4> relationships: 1>, 2>, and 3> have relationships. For example, if the 2 relationship is cheating, 1 pass is directly affected.





Indirect link:
People access the Internet to search for information. Google sums up the needs and habits of most people, and then uses keywords to query the webpages that most people will view.

First, start from accessing the Internet.
1 person accessing the Internet:
Information Source
1> access by website with memory
2> Post via forum and notify others via external connection

2 (generated) People's comments on the website:
Whether the information provided by the website is comprehensive, accurate, and in depth.

3. inform others of the address of the website through external means, or use text descriptions to inform others of the services provided by the website.

And so on...



Google's use of indirect relationships:
Since Google wants to get the information it wants, it has to get the characteristics of high-quality information.
Google's understanding of quality information: The traffic is high and most people visit it. Many websites direct through external links. The internal structure of the website is good and there is no cheating.


Google uses indirect relationships to design the characteristics of crawlers:

1> how to judge the excellent performance of a website

2> how to determine whether a website is cheated?

Therefore, Google uses some measures to evaluate the quality of websites.

Seo makes Google spider think of it as a good citizen and gives him an excellent rating when Google spider thinks it is legal.
Google, imitating people's way of thinking, searches for information most people want based on keywords.


So the study of Seo, the study of Google spider attributes, thinking should also be scattered to Google Spider to study the attributes of most people's evaluation information, that is, the study of direct and indirect relationships.

Study the attributes of Google spider.

Write it here first, with time in segments:

Direct relationship (relationship between Google and the three sub-entities of the website)





Indirect relationship (relationship between most people and websites)


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