Summer Camp (4) Fifth ——— number theory (hdu1222)

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Test instructions Summary: After that day, you persuasion, are fast into three inch not rotten of the occasion, small a
At least not in the face of the dead, the fish eyes are bulging. There was a sign of a point of recovery. But Mencius, this guy.
The words still have some reason, that day will drop .... Well, in short, as Sage's law was not finished
into, and small A and slow to appear, FFF Regiment head even under seven flame orders to kill you, the first to rush
To the ground, mechanized troops, they can be said to be impeccable except for their intelligence.
This is exactly what you have to take advantage of, using their trajectory of action to hide.

Problem Analysis: First use the method of GCD (n,m), if N>m gcd (n,m) for a can escape
Conversely, not one can escape .

1#include"Cstdio"2 3 intMain ()4 {5     intm,n,t,x;6scanf ("%d",&t);7      while(t--&& scanf ("%d%d",&n,&m))8     {9          while(n% m! =0)Ten         { Onex =m; Am = n%m; -n =x; -         } the         if(N >=m) -printf ("%s\n", m==1?"NO":"YES"); -         Else -printf ("%s\n", m==1?"YES":"NO"); +     } -     return 0; +}
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Summer Camp (4) Fifth ——— number theory (hdu1222)

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