Summer Vacation Summary 20160907

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Summer vacation in the pre-graduation to play a period of time, so seriously study for some time. Just start every day to do some of the small tasks assigned by sister, and then began to write the simulation of the software, but also read a paper, follow the boss learn the basics of machine learning. or study for some time, but not feeling strong enough, and then to August 22 went home. Today only to school, the knowledge needs to be consolidated, and then there are a lot of new things to learn, tomorrow after the report needs refueling study Ah!

Summer's study record:

one months to stick to the effect of it! 7.14familiar with the software go-to-copy part of the code, mainly message delivery event processing, complete the interface right-click menu Small function. 7.15familiar with the run_cash_dialog part of the code and related classes are implemented, the completion of the dialog window, learning the digital image processing of the frequency domain filtering part. 7.18Learn the INI file read and write operation, the basic implementation interface read/write INI file. 7.19complete the taskbar display and learn the image processing Noise model7.20Complete the Remember password feature and familiarize yourself with the code. 7.21Learn the basics of image restoration. 7.22finish remembering the last selection of directory operations and learn about RGB-related basics. 7.25Review Network related knowledge, complete ping function, learn PCA,SVD. 7.26learning singular value decomposition SVD.7.27familiar with software code, learn least squares learning method. 7.28Be familiar with Tcpsocket and learn the regression part of machine learning. 7.29Basic completion of listening and TCP connection functions. 8.01complete the partial command send function. 8.02complete the command delivery of the partial initialization interface. 8.03complete the instruction connection to the interface upgrade to learn the basics of machine learning classification. 8.04Learning machine Learning classifications ... A day of low efficiency. 8.05Complete interface Upgrade and debug Instructions8.08Hangzhou8.09Hangzhou8.10Shanghai8.11familiar with the code and improve the instructions for upgrading the interface8.12Complete the instructions for part of the infrared calibration interface and read the GSR paper. 8.15Read GSR articles ...8.16basically complete the infrared part of the instruction, learn the method of GSR article inside. -------------------------------------------------Production management software----------------------------------------------------------------BUG: The taskbar is vertical, the registry path exists (if the path is not found, it is set as the default root), the aging Time default value Bug:pageupgrade a few seconds in the link failed; point start-failed to send command8. 03bug: When the server actively shuts down, the thread shutdown fails; When the client actively shuts down, the point two is closed, the command is in order, the client is not all shut down, and the server is opened to accept the failure in the installation directory C:\Program Files (x86) \zmvision\ C:\Users\ranji\AppData\Local\ZMVision\ccmdbg\config path Mode.ini configuration file found in ccmdbg Ftpconfig.ini1. Page Gotostep (), calling Miandialog's Gotostep ()2. Workingparameters::getinstance ();D eviceproxy::getinstance ();D ebuglogger::getinstance (); Localfilesaver::getinstance ()3. Deviceproxy::getinstance ()addobserver () subject_connected,subject_disconnected monitor_-addobserver () subject_cash_info, Subject_begin_bundle, Subject_adc_ready, Subject_image_ready, SUBJECT_END_BUNDLE, observer Observer; Two specific observers hwndobserver,methodobserver observed observable; Two specific observers: Deviceproxy, R Uncashmonitor//two ways to control channels and data channels, respectivelyObserver: Notifyupdate () when the device connection state changes, when the external data is received, the observer is notified that the Observer has its own onupdate () mode Addobserver () Two ways to add the observer (an observation window connection state, one through the "method" Observation of external data)4. Control channel, software as client, request link, then send instruction Pageconnect::onenter () Open thread--->Pageconnect::tryconnect--->Deviceproxy::connect (Deviceip, Deviceport)--->Tcpsocket::connect (address, port) requests the link data channel, the software serves as the service side, listens to the copy situation, receives the various data to create the Runcashmonitor single case instance _->start ();--->Startruncashdetect () (1)--->opendataconnection (send a command to tell the cash drawer to enter the data transmission mode)--->dataconnection::open (LPCTSTR address,intPort)--->listensocket_. Listen (address, port) Monitoring link---->connection->Waitconnect ()---->listensocket_. Accept (2)--->thread Run () inside Readpacke---> Then use the read parameters to set other parameters to inform other observers (Oncisdata (&packet); Onadcdata (&packet); Onbeginbundle (); Onendbundle (); )--->notifyupdate (subject_cash_info)---> Interface viewer &Pagemagneticdetect::oncashinfo--->receive data and make interface transformations 5the page jump relationship precedes the initialization in Application.cpp: SplashScreen----->logindialog---->maindialog (display Idd_page_connect, after the network) NAVIGATIONVIEW_ select the appropriate interface Gotostep (selected) ---->Runcashdialog Dlg;                 Step_upgrade Idd_page_upgrade step_ir_calibration idd_page_ir_calibration Step_mh_detect Idd_page_magnetic_detect step_cis_calibration Idd_page_cis_calibra tion step_finish idd_page_finish step_run_cash_test Idd_page_run_ca Sh_test6the process of walking the banknote in copy mode is: 3 note start signal (Initialize save data path)--->0 master data (ADC) (banknote index is the ID of the banknote)--->2 image data (CIS)---->3 banknote information (info)---->4 Note signal (save the data set above) banknote information analysis: 20160803_143828_001_ERR000_LASTERR0X0_DEN1_DIR0_VER99_SNX02P133112_ADC the date of the copy to start Go copy the time _ the current data of the serial number _ banknote error code _ currently does not have this data (fill 0) _ Denomination (1, -, -_ Direction _ version Number _ Crown font size (not filled 0) _ Data name Channel selection:structAdcchannel {TCHAR name[ -]; intMinValue, MaxValue; intID;};structAdcchannel { ShortCount//the length of the waveform     Short*codes;//Yellow Line, code tray value     Short*values;//Green Line, voltage value}; 7the format document of the host computer receiving data-------------------------------------------Production management software------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------

Hope that they can improve their learning efficiency, improve their programming ability!

Summer Vacation Summary 20160907

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