Sun has adopted new policies for Linux operating systems.

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[ENews message] is part of the company's defense against low-end server competition policies from running Linux operating systems, sun Microsystems will begin to pay for the sales staff who run the software from other vendors.

According to Sun's managing director Jonathan, a network diary on Monday, employees will be rewarded by Sun for selling Solaris Unix operating systems running on non-Sun hardware products. He said that if a sales representative sells servers such as Dell, IBM, or HP and Solaris operating systems running on Xeon or Nocona, we will pay him as much as he gets for selling hardware.

Sun's move happens when it tries to make its servers more competitive than Linux. According to analysts, the main cause of Sun's current financial difficulties is that many corporate customers choose to buy x86-Linux servers from Intel or AMD, the fact is not the cruel fact of Sun's Linux-Solaris server.

Sun has recovered sales of the x86 Solaris operating system to cope with competition from the Linux operating system. Sun and AMD developed 64-bit Operton processor-based servers last year. Sun also developed a software named Janus that can run Linux applications on Solaris.

According to Jonathan, the Solaris operating system has been able to run on a server with Intel's Nocona processor configured. He is determined to perform a major operation on Sun's internal culture to make Sun a new hero. At present, Sun has begun to focus on Solaris operating systems, Java application servers, and open-source desktop systems.

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