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[51cto quick translation] javaone 2009, held in San Francisco today (June 2), is the last javaone conference hosted by Sun as an independent company. As a prelude, The communityone conference for open-source developers opened on Monday. In javaone2008 reported on last year, Sun used "Java + you" to assume an innovative Internet model show. What will javaone bring to us this year? Is it the new Java software store that is about to exit or JDK 7? (For details, refer to javaone 2009 Technology Foresight)

As we all know, sun is in the process of business merger with Oracle after Oracle's acquisition of sun. Oracle has not made too many public plans on how to develop after the acquisition, although it has promised to stick to Sun's hardware business.

As for the software, Oracle remains silent. It has invested a lot in Java and many products depend entirely on java. Therefore, how Oracle leads the language to attract a lot of extra attention. Many people want Oracle to give comments earlier but do not receive feedback. The development of Java and Sun's open-source model have become a hot topic in the 10 predictions reported by after Oracle acquired sun.

Initially, Oracle may make javaone part of its huge openworld conference. Openworld invites 80 thousand people to San Francisco every year, far exceeding the size of javaone (10 thousand people attended javaone last year ). Some people think that Oracle should keep javaone independent.

"I don't think Oracle should end javaone," said Mark driver, vice president of research at Gartner. "The Java platform is a huge standard for developing next-generation IT solutions. For Oracle, it is important to keep Java and its products in a state of separation from religion and religion. It should be better than sun ."

Wayne Citrin, chief technology officer of Java Development Company jnbridge, also hopes that javaone can continue. "I hope they will continue to make javaone an independent meeting," he said. "I think this is very meaningful for Oracle and the community. Oracle conferences are especially product-centric, while javaone is especially technology-centric. You can mix them together, but I think many javaone participants will not focus on specific products ."

There are also some Oracle problems, the driver pointed out. "I think they should keep javaone independent, because there are still many problems with people's true intentions on Oracle," he said. In particular, IBM and SAP will pay close attention to the development of the situation. If they feel that Oracle intends to reverse Java to their own side, it is likely to provoke the Java branch and take their own path.

Merv Adrian, it Market Strategy Group Director, also opposed the idea of incorporating javaone into openworld. "This is a commercial decision. In the first year or two, can javaone make money for Oracle and bring business? Obviously, it works. In addition, the two conferences are very large, and it is unlikely that people will solve all the problems at the same conference. Why is the problem complicated? It should be wise for Oracle to continue the javaone conference for at least a year or two ."

What is the attitude of Microsoft and IBM?

Although everyone is speculating on the future of the javaone Conference, we have also noticed an interesting thing, that is, Microsoft and IBM will give a keynote speech at javaone this year. This is the first time Microsoft gave a keynote speech at the javaone Conference. It was also at least two years ago that IBM gave the previous keynote speech.

Regarding Microsoft's attitude towards javaone, you can ask: why have you been there for so many years. However, Microsoft did appear at this critical moment and will give a keynote speech on Thursday entitled "software + Service: Next application platform ", dan 'l Lewin, vice president of Microsoft's strategy and new business development, and Steven Martin, senior director of product management on the developer platform, will give a special speech.

Dan 'l Lewin will discuss the interoperability between. NET and Java. We are very pleased to see that the interoperability between. NET and Java has attracted more attention in the industry, because at least 1/3 of developers (derived from Gartner statistics) use. NET and Java at the same time.

IBM's Craig Hayman will discuss extreme Transaction Processing (xtp) and elastic (elasticity) technologies, which are two hot trends in the enterprise's Java field. Xtp and elastic technologies can work together to solve the rapid growth of users and businesses and focus on reducing costs between peaks and valleys. Hayman will also talk about IBM's efforts in the open source community to promote developers' productivity and innovation through open standards and open source code.

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