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The website operation strategy, is one kind looks at the overall situation and the long-term plan, is a high level of rational guidance in the use of power of science and art, is great wisdom; The website in today's fierce competition environment, to achieve success is not easy, its brutal intensity will be no less than the real war, the development of the website must have the right strategic guidance, Can achieve the desired goals, long-term development, and forever leader status.
Strategy, is a lack of rational support and moral requirements of the use of deception, is a small strategy. Like Web site optimization, keyword cheating, a variety of web site promotion means, and so just small stratagem, can only achieve a small part of the results, not enough to support the long-term development of the site.
Strategic focus on "big", planning events, and the strategy does not matter the size, what people or what level can be used; strategic emphasis on "with the positive, to the Qi Sheng", Qi is unified, and strategy does not matter, as long as the goal, what means or any tricks can be used. The Art of War is the great wisdom, the "way of the Commander-in-Chief", it is a science of revealing the competition law with deep philosophy, is a kind of knowledge that understands and uses at the strategic level, use Sun Tzu's Art of War to guide website development and now many webmaster enthusiastic "promotion cheats" "Optimization Dafa" and other "strategy" is not the same thing, absolutely can not be compared. From today, the site will refer to the "Art of War" in good faith, combined with the experience of web site operation, Sun Tzu's strategy on the development of the Web site to guide the application of their own ideas, writing hasty, inadequate hope to get the Webmaster brothers and sisters criticism.

(a) grandson Yue: Soldiers, national events, the Land of the dead, the survival of the road, can not be observed.
Sincerity: The development strategy of the website is related to the survival of the website, is every stationmaster must pay serious attention to.
(b) So by five (things), the school to take into account, and the feeling: One Yue Road, two days, three Yue, four Yue will, five Yue law. The Tao, to the people and the consent also, so can (with) and the death, can (with) with the life, but not (dangerous) (paradox). God, yin and yang, and the time system is also. The Earth, near and far, easy, wide and dead. Will, wisdom, faith, benevolence, Yong, Yan also. The law, the song system, the Guan Dao, the main use also. All these five will not be heard, and those who know are victorious, and those who do not know are overwhelmed.
Sincerity: It is necessary to analyze the situation of the website and competitor based on five factors, so as to explore the possibility of victory or defeat. The so-called road, is a site's fundamental positioning, for the site, must be in good condition, legitimate, fully representative of the interests of netizens, to meet their needs, real value to society. The so-called days, refers to the social changes in all aspects of the trend of development, as a webmaster, must be kept abreast of the trend of network technology, Internet users demand changes in the trend of national policy changes, and so on, to flexible. The so-called land, refers to the development of the site environment, according to the different development environment of the site to local conditions. The so-called will, is the webmaster must have a certain quality, the so-called law, refers to the management of the site, as a webmaster, must be on the above five aspects of the chest.
(c) Therefore, the school to take account of its feelings, Yue: "What is the right way?" What is the law? What are the rules of the soldier?
In good faith said: as webmaster, to the competitive situation, the situation of competitors analysis, so as to explore the possibility of competition, which side of the Web site to meet the needs of users fully satisfied? Which side of the webmaster have a stronger quality? That side of the site more responsive to the trend of development, that side of the site has a more powerful hardware support? Which side of the Web site's team execution more powerful? That party is more just and fair and has the support of employees and users? Based on the above, we can basically predict who will be the winner.
(iv) will listen to my account, use it to win, stay, will not listen to my account, with the defeat, go to it.
In good faith said: stationmaster if can comprehend strategy and put into practice, use to construct the website of operation, the website must obtain virtuous development, if go to the wrong direction, the website development strategy is dismissive, his website afraid will fail.
(v) which to listen, but for the potential to Zochi outside. Potential, because of profit and the system of power.
In good faith: Web site strategy conducive to the development of the site and then be adopted, it will soon form a situation, the development of the site's external auxiliary conditions, the so-called "potential", is all around the development of the principle of the Web site to adopt flexible contingency measures to maintain strategic initiative.
(vi) The soldier, the paradox. Therefore can not be shown, with the show not to, near and show the far, far and near. Profit and lure, chaos and take, the real and prepared, strong and avoid, anger and scratch, humble and arrogant, the lost and the Lao, pro and away from it. Attack it without preparation, surprise. The victory of this military strategist cannot be transmitted first.
In good faith said: Webmaster in the fierce competition environment, be sure to use resorting clever tricks to defeating, so actually how to develop, but to show the opposite situation to competitors, to constantly create smoke to confuse competitors, in the competitors thinking and strategy some confusion in the case of a surprise attack, if the competition is very strong, Do not confront them head-on, adopt all tactics, make the competitor internal error only to chaos. To find out the gaps and weaknesses of competitors, when they have not expected to surprise. Grandson also said: "The soldier image of water, the shape of the water to avoid the high, and the shape of the soldiers to avoid the virtual", as now is starting a business or are ready to start the site webmaster, I suggest to avoid the main battlefield of competition, a new way to open up no one involved in the market segments, such as now Alibaba, have Hui Cong Webmaster must not engage in such a all-inclusive business site, but should pay attention to some large sites do not have too much energy to take into account the industry, the field, engage in Vertical portal, a success.
(vii) The man who has not fought and the temple is the winner, it is a lot of it, and the temple counts for no war. More than a win, less than 而况, no count! I take this view, the victory and defeat see.
In good faith said: the site before the commencement of construction operations, all through the analysis of positioning, serious strategic planning that will be successful, is due to grasp the relatively large, that is not easy to succeed, is due to grasp the relatively small, grasp the general will be successful, grasp the small will not succeed, let alone do not know what to grasp blindly build station webmaster. According to this situation analysis of the current Web site, who wins who negative is obvious. Stationmaster, the eye don't only look at the meat that hangs on the tree, think to eat to have how beautiful in the mouth. First look at the tree is not a trap, to estimate whether they have the ability to eat this piece of meat, otherwise they become someone else on the table meat.
To pursue leadership and excellence, a website has to beat its rivals, and it is difficult for competitors to do the same. Two strong fights, the brave wins, two Yong fight, the person wins. Sun Tzu's Art of war has shown a broad and profound strategy, great wisdom and competitive strategic thinking. From West Point military instructors, American business giants, Japan's business strategists to the world of sports and so on, all learn the essence of the strategy of the Art of war, to defeating. In today's rapid development, fierce competition in the network era, I believe that the wisdom of the art of war can also be applied to the operation of the website.
1. Sun Tzu Yue: Where the law of military, Chi Chili, leather car thousand, with a 100,000, Trinidad feed, then inside and outside the fee, the guests use, 胶漆 material, car a service, daily fee daughter, and then 100,000 of the division to lift.

Sincerely said: Really want to do a successful website, all aspects must be prepared. The specific budget here is unknown.
2. Its use of war also wins, a long time blunt and sharp, siege of the Force Bend, the long time the Storm division is not enough. The blunt soldier is sharp, Culi the evil goods, then the princes multiply its disadvantage, although there are wise can not good thereafter. So the soldier 闻拙 speed, not to see the coincidence of the long also. The soldier is long and the Levites are not. So do not know the victims of the military, you can not know the benefits of military troops also.

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