Sun Xin VC + + in-depth detailed: Lesson9 Part8---to add a splash screen to the program __c++

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VC Menu bar: Project--->add to project--->components and Controls Select Visual C + + components find splash screen

After inserting the component, the Csplashwnd class is added to the project and a statement is added to the OnCreate function of the CMainFrame class:

Csplashwnd::showsplashscreen (this);

Because ShowSplashScreen (this) is defined as a static function in the Csplashwnd class, the invocation method is the class: the function name

The header file for this class is SPLASH.H

Cg:this file is added by the Splash screen component. #ifndef _splash_scrn_ #define _SPLASH_SCRN_//Splash.h:header File///////////////////////////////////////////////// Splash screen Class class Csplashwnd:public CWnd {//Construction PROTECTED:CSPL

Ashwnd ();

Attributes:public:CBitmap M_bitmap;
	Operations public:static void Enablesplashscreen (BOOL benable = TRUE);
	static void ShowSplashScreen (cwnd* pparentwnd = NULL);

Static BOOL Pretranslateappmessage (msg* pMsg); Overrides//ClassWizard generated virtual function Overrides//{{afx_virtual (csplashwnd)//}}afx_virtual//Implem
	Entation public: ~csplashwnd ();

virtual void PostNcDestroy ();
	Protected:bool Create (cwnd* pparentwnd = NULL);
	void Hidesplashscreen ();
	Static BOOL C_bshowsplashwnd;

Static csplashwnd* C_psplashwnd; Generated message map functions protected://{{afx_msg (csplashwnd) afx_msg int OnCreate (lpcreatestruct lpcreatestruct
	); Afx_msg void OnPaint ();
	afx_msg void OnTimer (UINT nidevent);

}}afx_msg declare_message_map ()};

Cg:this file is added by the Splash screen component.

Splash.cpp:implementation File//#include "stdafx.h"//E. G. stdafx.h #include "resource.h"//e.g. resource.h #include "Splash.h"//e.g. SPLASH.H #ifdef _DEBUG #define NEW debug_new #undef this_file static char Based_code This_fi
Le[] = __file__; #endif///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Splash screen class BOOL CSPL
csplashwnd* Csplashwnd::c_psplashwnd;
	Csplashwnd::csplashwnd () {} csplashwnd::~csplashwnd () {//clear the static window pointer.
	ASSERT (C_psplashwnd = = this);
C_psplashwnd = NULL; } begin_message_map (Csplashwnd, CWnd)//{{afx_msg_map (Csplashwnd) on_wm_create () On_wm_paint () ON_WM_TIMER ()//}}AFX 

_msg_map end_message_map () void Csplashwnd::enablesplashscreen (BOOL benable/*= true*/) {c_bshowsplashwnd = bEnable;} void Csplashwnd::showsplashscreen (cwnd* pparentwnd/*= null*/) {if (!c_bshowsplashwnd | | c_psplashwnD!= NULL) return;
	Allocate A new splash screen, and create the window.
	C_psplashwnd = new Csplashwnd;
	if (!c_psplashwnd->create (pparentwnd)) Delete C_psplashwnd;
else C_psplashwnd->updatewindow ();

	BOOL Csplashwnd::P retranslateappmessage (msg* pMsg) {if (C_psplashwnd = NULL) return FALSE;
	If we have a keyboard or mouse message, hide the splash screen.
	    if (pmsg->message = = Wm_keydown | |
	    Pmsg->message = = Wm_syskeydown | |
	    Pmsg->message = = Wm_lbuttondown | |
	    Pmsg->message = = Wm_rbuttondown | |
	    Pmsg->message = = Wm_mbuttondown | |
	    Pmsg->message = = Wm_nclbuttondown | |
	    Pmsg->message = = Wm_ncrbuttondown | |
		Pmsg->message = = Wm_ncmbuttondown) {c_psplashwnd->hidesplashscreen ();	return TRUE;	Message handled here} return FALSE; The message is not handled} BOOL csplashwnd::create (cwnd* pparentwnd/*= null*/) {if!m_bitmap.

	LoadBitmap (Idb_splash)) return FALSE;
	BITMAP BM; M_bitmap. Getbitmap (&amP;BM); Return CreateEx (0, AfxRegisterWndClass (0, AfxGetApp ()->loadstandardcursor (Idc_arrow)), NULL, Ws_popup |
ws_visible, 0, 0, bm.bmwidth, Bm.bmheight, Pparentwnd->getsafehwnd (), NULL);
	} void Csplashwnd::hidesplashscreen () {//Destroy the window, and update the mainframe.
	DestroyWindow ();
AfxGetMainWnd ()->updatewindow ();
	} void Csplashwnd::P Ostncdestroy () {//Free the C + + class.
Delete this;

	int csplashwnd::oncreate (lpcreatestruct lpcreatestruct) {if (cwnd::oncreate (lpcreatestruct) = = 1) return-1;
	Center the window.

	CenterWindow ();
	Set a timer to destroy the splash screen.

	SetTimer (1, 750, NULL);
return 0;

	} void Csplashwnd::onpaint () {CPAINTDC DC (this);
	CDC Dcimage;

	if (!dcimage.createcompatibledc (&DC)) return;
	BITMAP BM; M_bitmap.

	Getbitmap (&BM);
	Paint the image.
	cbitmap* Poldbitmap = Dcimage.selectobject (&m_bitmap); dc.
	BitBlt (0, 0, bm.bmwidth, bm.bmheight, &dcimage, 0, 0, srccopy); Dcimage.selectobjeCT (POLDBITMAP);
	} void Csplashwnd::ontimer (UINT nidevent) {//Destroy the splash screen window.
Hidesplashscreen ();


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