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For us to do SEO site optimization friends, we are and spiders are inseparable, how to let spiders frequent crawling our site to take away our website information revenue our site page. Some novice webmaster may ask how to know whether spiders often come to our site crawling, we can see log log to see whether the frequent crawling our site, if not we have to find ways to make spiders like our site often crawling to collect information. Spiders are not the same as we all human beings have personality, because spiders are man-made spiders have their preferences as long as we seize these laws we can attract spiders like our website, the following to share with you under let spiders like our site method:

1. The spider likes static not to move, the spider prefers the structure safe static website, the dynamic also may be the income likelihood to be relatively small. First spiders will crawl the structure of our site to see if this site is safe, if the site has a dangerous structure so that the spider cycle has been in the cycle of crawling, spiders will not come in, usually spiders identify the site is safe, the first one will first see whether the site is static, Because dynamic Web site easy to generate dead loops let spiders fall into the trap of bottomless pit will never get out, so spiders like static website.

2. Spiders are old, spiders have previously earned the spider will not go to income, so we need to write some high-quality original articles. The next spider will crawl page information, the previous income of the article Information spider is not going to collect information, spiders will think that the existing information is not necessary income.

3. Spiders like to direct, in meta tag to write the site to promote the keywords in the description write the description of the high relevance.

4. Spiders like the regular, spiders will be in the time to crawl every day in the site, so we need to update the site at the specified time. If you do not publish the article in the specified time, spiders crawl the site when the time is not captured information, spiders will think that the site will not be constantly updated, so will reduce the number of crawling. It is very important to keep the time to update the website every day.

5. If the site is all pictures or flash spiders are not going to income because spiders do not recognize these things. So the keywords are to be expressed in words or spiders are not able to recognize this information.

Even if the above optimization of these stations to do a good spider if you do not know this site is also useless, so we have to find a way to let spiders know this site, please spiders to this site. Where spiders more we go where please, usually those stations with high weights of the station spiders crawling more frequently, at these sites we can also post some original high-quality soft text plus our website links, so it is possible to let spiders come to our site. The above is to make friends with spiders to pay attention to a few,

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