Super Flv Video Converter Algorithm Analysis

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Software Introduction: Super FLV Video Converter is a powerful FLV video conversion tool that helps you convert almost all popular video formats, such: RM, RMVB, VOB, DAT, VCD, DVD, VCD, ASF, MOV, QT, MPEG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, DivX, XviD, AVI, FLV, MKV, and other video files convert to FLV/SWF network video format. You can also Convert FLV video files to AVI, VCD, SVCD, and DVD video formats.
It features simple conversion, fast conversion, and high image quality, and supports batch file conversion.

1. A prompt box is displayed when you try to register the software ~~~~
2. peid check has no shell.
2. You can use the F12 pause method, Alt + k to call the heap and call the stack. In the stack, you can see the call from = flv.004BCD1A. Double-click to go to the registration prompt.
3. Find the starting and running software.
**************************************** ******************************
004 BCBFD. 8BEC mov ebp, ESP
004 BCBFF. 33C9 xor ecx, ECX
004BCC01. 51 PUSH ECX
004BCC02. 51 PUSH ECX
004BCC03. 51 PUSH ECX
004BCC04. 51 PUSH ECX
004BCC05. 51 PUSH ECX
004BCC06. 53 PUSH EBX
004BCC07. 56 PUSH ESI
004BCC08. 57 PUSH EDI
004BCC09. 8945 fc mov dword ptr ss: [EBP-4], EAX
004BCC0C. 33C0 xor eax, EAX
004BCC0F. 68 4DCD4B00 PUSH flv.004BCD4D
004BCC14. 64: FF30 push dword ptr fs: [EAX]
004bcc17. 64: 8920 mov dword ptr fs: [EAX], ESP
004BCC1A. 8B45 fc mov eax, dword ptr ss: [EBP-4]
004BCC1D. E8 B2FEFFFF CALL flv.004BCAD4; key CALL Analysis
004BCC22. 84C0 test al, AL
004BCC24. 0F84 DB000000 JE flv.004BCD05; key hop registration prompt
004BCC2A. 33C0 xor eax, EAX
004BCC2D. 68 E9CC4B00 PUSH flv.004BCCE9
004BCC32. 64: FF30 push dword ptr fs: [EAX]
004BCC35. 64: 8920 mov dword ptr fs: [EAX], ESP
004BCC38. B2 01 mov dl, 1
004BCC3A. A1 E8B34300 mov eax, dword ptr ds: [43B3E8]
004BCC3F. E8 A4E8F7FF CALL flv.0043B4E8
004BCC44. 8BD8 mov ebx, EAX
004BCC46. BA 02000080 mov edx, 80000002
004BCC4B. 8BC3 mov eax, EBX
004BCC4D. E8 36E9F7FF CALL flv.0043B588
004BCC52. B1 01 mov cl, 1
004BCC54. BA 64CD4B00 mov edx, flv.004BCD64; ASCII "Software \ mp4soft \ flvconverter"
004BCC59. 8BC3 mov eax, EBX
004BCC5B. E8 8CE9F7FF CALL flv.0043B5EC
004BCC60. 8D55 F4 lea edx, dword ptr ss: [EBP-C]
004BCC63. 8B45 fc mov eax, dword ptr ss: [EBP-4]
004BCC66. 8B80 04030000 mov eax, dword ptr ds: [EAX + 304]
004BCC6C. E8 77A4FAFF CALL flv.004670E8
004BCC71. 8B45 F4 mov eax, dword ptr ss: [EBP-C]
004BCC74. 8D55 F8 lea edx, dword ptr ss: [EBP-8]
004BCC77. E8 ECBCF4FF CALL flv.00408968
004BCC7C. 8B4D F8 mov ecx, dword ptr ss: [EBP-8]
004BCC7F. BA 8CCD4B00 mov edx, flv.004BCD8C; ASCII "Name"
004BCC84. 8BC3 mov eax, EBX
004BCC86. E8 FDEAF7FF CALL flv.0043B788
004BCC8B. 8D55 ec lea edx, dword ptr ss: [EBP-14]
004BCC8E. 8B45 fc mov eax, dword ptr ss: [EBP-4]
004BCC91. 8B80 08030000 mov eax, dword ptr ds: [EAX + 308]
004BCC97. E8 4CA4FAFF CALL flv.004670E8
004BCC9C. 8B45 ec mov eax, dword ptr ss: [EBP-14]
004BCC9F. 8D55 F0 lea edx, dword ptr ss: [EBP-10]
004bcca 2. E8 C1BCF4FF CALL flv.00408968
004BCCA7. 8B4D F0 mov ecx, dword ptr ss: [EBP-10]
004 BCCAA. BA 9CCD4B00 mov edx, flv.004BCD9C; ASCII "Pass"
004 BCCAF. 8BC3 mov eax, EBX
004BCCB1. E8 D2EAF7FF CALL flv.0043B788
004BCCB6. 8BC3 mov eax, EBX
004BCCB8. E8 0366f4ff CALL flv.004034C0
004 BCCBD. 6A 40 PUSH 40
004 BCCBF. 68 A4CD4B00 PUSH flv.004BCDA4
004BCCC4. 68 B0CD4B00 PUSH flv.004BCDB0
004BCCC9. 8B45 fc mov eax, dword ptr ss: [EBP-4]
004 BCCCC. E8 FF0BFBFF CALL flv.0046D8D0
004BCCD1. 50 push eax; | hOwner

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