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I watched the Supergirl for one night, six to five, and Xiao Yang also had a younger brother ~~

Friends who are not familiar with the competition system should first go to literacy, go to the Supergirl version of newsmth; those who want to despise should despise me first, and I will go to the toilet ....

I thought that the six-in-five match of chicken ribs, when Huang Yali left at the end, suddenly found that this was an important competition, which could have a very important impact on the competition in the future. The main factor is Huang Yali's departure, which is actually the prelude of the 5th to 3rd. Everyone's mood is affected, so I am worried about the beauty. Another reason is that he Jie played well. He broke his doubts about He Jie, proved his strength, and added suspense in the later game.

The blank names and two names that appear today can be met later, but the organizers certainly have a solution.

I think it is very difficult to select three from five. I wanted to gossip and make some predictions, but it was really difficult to test the psychological quality of contestants. I am most worried about it. First, her mood is not stable, which affects her performance. Some people say that she is too utilitarian. In fact, I think it is a single-parent family that has a greater impact on her. So I hope she is strong enough, her friends can understand her enough, and don't put too much pressure on her. Today, when she saw Huang Yali's departure, she looked down deeply. I think this little girl is very nice, but never has a big impact. Second, the opponent is not useless. I feel that every contestant's fans are crazy. They are especially excited for their own support. He Jie did not play well in the last game, so many people did not like her. According to today's performance, He Jie is still very powerful. Ji minjia is not liked by many people, and she also has many places to look. Not everyone has absolute strength, so competition is fierce. Therefore, Liang Ying needs more fuel. In addition, a strategy is required to sing some familiar English songs. Maybe it will boost the audience.

For judges, especially black Nan, they are very familiar with English songs. He never heard of any song. I also like other people and hope they all have good luck. From the current situation, everyone has great potential. If you stay on this stage, you will have more opportunities to present yourself. Give them enough opportunities to become stars.

However, Huang Yali is an exception. Today's competition is for him to leave the yellow classmate too small, let her into the top six is the reason for the region, but also her efforts. But she is too young to go back to school. What if she does not sing in the future? If she is an ordinary person in the future, how can she comment? How many of her singing talents are there? Don't say that a 17-year-old sophomore can make predictions. I hope she will be able to make a smooth journey in the future. In any case, her game mentality is worth learning.

The Supergirl looked at it twice and thought it was not vulgar at all, but rather inspirational. Some people say that CCTV is about to block the attack. If this is the case, there is no reason. Today, I was in the office with Xiao Yang and I was despised by a group of people. I would like to know how these high-profile students like it now. Don't we have to say that we don't have any entertainment needs, or that we see Kangxi every day or I guess it will become tasteful? Super Girl is a good program. No one in karaoke wants to be a magpie dream. No one has ever liked Andy Lau, Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung, or Jack... Although these girls are not good-looking, they are brave enough to challenge themselves and use them to show their own spirit. Of course, you must be rational when chasing stars ...... (I am a flash, so a big egg flies over)

Hey, I have said a lot... I didn't go to the lab last night. I almost went to the meeting basket every day. It seems that there has been progress. The jump is very accurate. I feel like I am on vacation, as if I have been waiting for a long time to come back from work to watch TV. I plan to go home to check my mom and dad next week. Maybe I will be back at the end of the month. Who would like to travel once, but there is no rice, and who should recommend a cooler place? But before the formal holiday, you still have to do something well. Don't hold on to the boss...

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