Super Ultra ERP System---(9) Order Management-Order picking

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After the order review is completed, the warehouse can start stocking and arrange for the appropriate personnel to pick up the goods. Order picking is divided into one-time sorting and two-time sorting, where we look at the next sorting process. Once sorting is to pick the goods according to the order, it is easy to understand that holding an order, pushing the shopping cart, the current order in the shopping cart, so that a shopping cart contains only one order of goods. Order picking is the first order to be printed, and then assigned to the warehouse staff to use a handheld PDA to pick the goods.

1. Order Printing

The Order printing interface lists the orders that need to be picked, click the Print button to print

2. Order picking

After the order was printed, the operator in the library took the handheld PDA to pick up the goods. Put the finished items in the shopping cart. The specific operation process, first scan the mobile shopping cart number, and then scan the order number, the purpose is to specify the order of the goods placed in the current shopping cart. Then follow the mobile PDA tips to the corresponding location to pick the appropriate number of goods.

Scan Mobile Shopping carts and Orders

To pick goods according to the specified location and number of items, for example, to scan shelf numbers and commodity barcodes

After the operation is completed, the picking link is finished.

Super Ultra ERP System---(9) Order Management-Order picking

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