Superdown.exe,shelldown.exe and other removal guide _ virus killing

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1. Turn off System Restore before antivirus (Win2000 system can be ignored): Right button My Computer, properties, System Restore, turn off System Restore tick on all drives.
Clear IE Temporary files: Open IE point tool-->internet option: Internet temporary files, click the "Delete Files" button, will delete all offline content tick, click OK Delete.

Close applications such as QQ. Do not double-click any disk until you enter the following action.
All the tools are on the desktop, remember.

2. Use the force Removal tool POWERRMV Download address:
Fill in the following file (including the full path), check "suppression of Killing objects again generation", point kill [there is no hint to find out, please ignore]

C:\Program Files\Common Files\system\updaterun.exe
C:\Program files\internet Explorer\Connection Wizard\isignup.sys
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\msinfo\ieinfo5.sys

Restart the computer and then enter Safe mode to perform the following actions
The following operations are required in Safe mode.
[Safe mode?] Press F8 to enter Safe Mode when restarting the computer
3. Use tool Sreng to delete the following
Download and how to use it look at the links below, to understand the operation again!
"The following operations are risky, and you must understand the above methods before you operate." 】

Start Project--> The following key to the registry

<ShellDown.exe><C:\WINDOWS\System32\ShellDown.exe> [n/A]
<RavUptepys><; c:\docume~1\admini~1\locals~1\temp\qqshow.exe> [n/A]
<system><c:\program Files\Common Files\system\updaterun.exe> [n/A]
<{b8a170a8-7ad3-4678-b2fe-f2d7381cc1b5}><c:\program files\internet Explorer\Connection Wizard\ isignup.sys> [n/A]
<{5d06580a-08eb-4dd0-8425-ddbb5198b30c}><c:\program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSInfo\ ieinfo5.sys> [n/A]

Start the project--> service-->win32 The following items under the service application

[Svchost.exe/svchost.exe] [Stopped/auto Start]
[Internet Protect service/shiping] [Running/auto Start]
<c:\windows\system32\rundllfromwin2000. EXE C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WBEM\FYGWA. Dll,export 1087><microsoft corporation>
[Network Engine/patterns] [Stopped/auto Start]
<c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe-k Netsvcs-->c:\windows\system32\rjkxi.dll><microsoft Corporation >

Finally, the Windows Cleanup Assistant cleans up the reference

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