Supermarket cashier management system based on C #

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The pre-order of supermarket cashier management system based on C #

have been busy learning about QT knowledge, very fortunate this semester to learn C #. Let me also feel a glimmer of relief, gratified is feel good to get started Ah, learned a few days immediately understand. A lot of controls are used in a similar way, although there is no serious lesson in class at ordinary times. But a lot of knowledge or understanding is almost the same. This is still very happy! Again to the end of the semester, all programming language This course, finally, the curriculum design must be indispensable. Want to go or use C # to achieve the following oneself have done before the supermarket cashier management system. Business logic doesn't have to think much about it, just start writing code.

Tell the truth. Feel that the school contains homework and a variety of tasks are good to deal with, if you really do enterprise-class projects, it is not minutes can be solved, first explain. It will take 3-4 days for this class to be set up. Personal feeling is OK. The main invoicing function has been realized, of course. As a lesson set has been able to.

Before I start, I must not spit a bit. In the school just want you to do something slightly good-looking, the teacher said decisively you are from the Internet, the industry conscience Ah! Remember last semester's database lesson set, I was doing is the hotel management system details can see this,
It felt good at the time. Don't believe you can go and see. But the final result ... I have no words, it seems to be the lowest. I did not say anything, after all, the achievement of the matter. Don't care about it all the time. Why do you care for this achievement? The results of college campuses don't explain anything. Let it go, hehe ... The key is you can make something decent out of it!

Software development needs analysis is the most important. The previous analysis accounted for about 60%, late code writing and other accounted for 40%, this is my personal + learned, there are incorrect places please point out.

The following I summed up at that time, to say some of their own ideas.

Simple Requirements Analysis
  • Function Module Division

    Supermarket cashier management system is mainly invoicing function, as a lesson set about the realization of these three functions will be able to.

    It is more complicated to assume that the function of business is much more.

    The following are mainly about these three modules

    • Inbound Management Module

      The purchase module is nothing more than the purchase of goods information to save. As for how to save, this has to be broken down. General purchase time will have an incoming serial number, in order to make the only distinction, and then what? There must be some properties of the goods, like what the quantity of single item, unit price, production date, arrival time. The total purchase price, quantity and so on some information. For specific information, see the following data sheet design.

    • Front Desk Sales

      The sales module. Enter the barcode of the product to retrieve the corresponding product information. and show some information about its price, quantity, specification, etc. If the product is not a reminder, after the purchase of the product in the inventory of the amount of the corresponding update operation, so that the data should not be correct. This is a very critical step!

    • Inventory Management

      Warehouse Management module, mainly in the warehouse of goods in the increase, delete, change, check operation. In addition, the stock alert function, the number of a product below the set value, can be timely reminders to prevent inventory zero.

  • Entity analysis

    In entity analysis, it is the process of modeling each object. Don't say anything. Straight away (e-r chart).

    Believe that you have learned the database!

  • Design of the database

    Because this programming language is C #. Therefore, the use of SQL Server should be the most appropriate, in compatibility. The things in your home should be more good together!

    Looked at his computer very long ago to install a sqlserver2000. So just use 2000. Free download, it is expected that a lot of people will say 2000 is outdated, I think it is. All over the years, but software is generally backwards compatible. So there shouldn't be a lot of problems.

    I write the script directly. Then pour their own initiative generated, not manually created, feel that good trouble, but also very inconvenient, many students think with a mouse click convenient, in fact, it is more inconvenient, in the later writing code process will appreciate this, I think this is a good habit!

  • Creation of data tables

    It is only a matter of minutes for each entity to be analyzed clearly and to build the table! Of course. The table I'm talking about here. Can be far more than the above mentioned, there are a lot of not said, just like simple user rights management. I designed 5 tables, the Real User Information table (this table can also be divided into natural information tables and account information table), permission table. Role table, Permissions role table, user Role table.

    Regarding the Authority management analysis, I was the person who participates in the examination, can search. This is the diagram I got from him. Explain again. This is a reference to others, here thank you!

Frame design
    • Main frame Design

      Do not say anything, direct, see very clearly.

* Each module design

- 前台销售

- 採购进货

- 库存管理

- 会员管理

- 销售统计

- 员工信息管理

Code writing

Many people think that writing code is very difficult Ah!

This kind of person is a long time do not write code, I am surrounded by many people die this, it is because not written a few lines of code, it is difficult to think. Many of today's college students have become so. or learning computer, eh ... Don't let them write code, very often even install a major software will not, looking for someone else to pretend, I like to say. You will not, Baidu should ah, you will not Baidu? Every man has a first time. The first time to install the basic will not, Baidu will be a bit. Even basic learning abilities have been lost! Assuming that the college students even the main self-learning ability is not, after that ... I can't say for sure, but it's better not to go there. A bit far away, code writing should enter the lowest level of labor. Those who say it is difficult to write code. Don't you know how difficult the phase of demand analysis is? Oh. I forgot that they didn't know what the demand analysis was. Forgive them.

This code writing for me is still very easy, although the contact time is not long, but there is a sense of déjà vu, may be because you have learned the reason for Qt. Always feel a lot of control design special to force, comprehend by analogy, this is very happy!

The trust and event mechanisms in C # are very important. I think and QT in the signal and groove have a spell, are the essence ah. Only their own for the trust and events belong to the stage. Have not reached the "understand" stage, continue to refuel it. Juvenile.

Finally, a point. Source I will definitely upload, my intention is open source, I also from others open source code to learn a lot of ideas, so I will continue.

Software writing process using a skin plug-in "IrisSkin2.dll", there are many styles to choose, eliminating the beautification work. However, this plugin has a drawback, as if it is only able to give. NET FrameWork2.0, and flashes. If you want to achieve or rely on WPF technology, seemingly a bit difficult!!

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Supermarket cashier management system based on C #

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