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Suppose that a user browsing a Web site is like a trip, and the site presented to his visual image is the journey of the Scenery, the page text link is the attractions in the sign, the site's child channel is the tour of the attractions. The reason why the user will start this journey may be that he has a purposeful initiative to look for (which means that your product is already well known in the user-oriented community), Friend's recommendation (your product reputation is very good), by the user accidentally see (to let this happen more, it is necessary to significantly improve the promotion of your products, Enhance the spread of social networking sites), there is also a situation where users jump through other sites (this is mostly the site's own commercial promotion).

The first stop of the trip is the user's entry page, basically starting from the homepage of the site, of course, it may be registered, login page or even topic page, this landscape needs to show the core value of the site, to introduce users to the general situation of the journey and his journey in the possible benefits of his personal gains and losses, These are the most basic functions of the portal page. On a trip, tour groups will be divided into the focus of the site, highlighting the good spots. The product is the same, the entry page to the presentation of information to do the focus of sorting. In the layout of the page, due to space constraints, we need to be based on the priority of the function of the most important in the most obvious position, as to say how to determine the priority, because the different companies in the strategic differences so will be different. In addition, but also from the visual contrast the atmosphere of the site, in my opinion, the main role of product shaping atmosphere is to let users in your products do you expect him to do.

A trip cannot have only one attraction, a molded site will basically not have just one page. The first stop of travel has its beautiful scenery, but there will also be the road to other attractions, in the entire product information structure, the initial page will have access to other information, such as the entrance to the attractions there are many signs, visitors need to choose a road to go in. This will involve the naming of the brand rules, the name must be associated with the content of the attractions, in the name of the user to give accurate hints, the name of the scenic spots need to be passed to the user a sense, so that the user's heart to create a knowledge of what they will go next is what road. Most Internet products, users to the next level of the process of the page is not processed, because the process is too short, if the addition of such a modification will increase the burden of the user-side load page.

The architecture of the product will provide a number of paths for users to choose from, and no one can say which one they will choose. When the user steps on a certain path, perhaps he will give up halfway, may come to an end. Therefore, in the course of the whole trip, regardless of the user's stay at what stage, what extent, to give users access to other attractions channels. A user's behavior in the product may be the starting point for this line, perhaps the middle point, and the conversion to the real scene may be that his behavior is picking one thing, perhaps filling out some personal information. After each behavior will arrive at another place, in order not to make the user lost, the main node in the line should give users the corresponding feedback. Although we do not want users to interrupt the journey, this is basically impossible, so what we have to do is to give the user a new path that he might be interested in when he or she is tired or loses interest in the road. But because we don't know where the user is going in the distance, every step we need to give the user access to other routes.

When visiting the sights, we often see well-meaning reminders, such as not climbing the tip of a steep bee. Also in the process of user use of products, we can also give users some kind of reminder, when the user in the product of the operation will consume too much traffic when many products will be reminded, recommend users download under the WLAN, although this does not belong to the product itself should do the work. But you have to admit, if the user because of the use of your products caused by a large amount of traffic loss, some users will indeed blame the charge on your head. In order to avoid such injustice, or to give users appropriate reminders for good, such reminders will also increase the impression of the product in the user's mind.

The world is not a feast, the journey will eventually end. For tourists, a trip is not only a fascinating view, but also buy some souvenirs, which add to the revenue of the attraction. and product personnel also always hope that the user's behavior can bring tangible business benefits, which is fully understandable, but in the user to guide the way, not too much to impose and let users dislike. The beautiful scenery will leave a good impression on the visitors, increase their chances of traveling two times, excellent interactive experience, also will improve the user's use frequency.

Perhaps you will be more confused after reading the above do not know what to say, in fact, I want to use the experience of users in the journey to say some of the basic principles of interaction design: Do not let users confused, so that users know where to give users a new route choice, know he clicked on a link to where to go, When you leave, don't forget to find a way to get him to come back next time, and if you are in the process of user browsing the site often give him a little surprise will increase the product impression points.

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