Surrender doesn't mean liberating your hands.

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This article has a great inspiration to the small series, solve the problem of the long-term existence of small, it is internal and external difficult to balance. It was a mistake to think of a practicing man not only to have faith, but to fully entrust himself with it. Entrusted out of only their own heart, rather than their own hands, the outside in the effort or effort, and so-called down also just put down the internal anxiety and other negative emotions or persistent mentality, and not even their hands are down, otherwise just lazy.

Work hard outside, and inside you'll stop trying

One cannot dispense with the mind's intervention through philosophical or psychological points of view, because the way the brain works is that, unless the brain itself changes, there will be no eternal transformation. All non-physiological changes are temporary and can no longer be sustained when the environment is different from the situation.

My approach is not to change behavior, but to change the way you experience things. Each person's brain carries a lot of manipulation and control of interpersonal relationships story, these stories must be experienced, stuck emotions will disappear, no longer interfere with you. When control disappears, the relationship naturally becomes harmonious, and it looks very different.

Someone came to me and complained: "I really do not like my wife, do not like her complexion, do not like her teeth, I want to divorce my wife." "Once he listens to the story in his mind and receives the blessing of awakening, the relationship will be healed and he will fall back in love with his wife." Such things happen almost every day.

In the external world, we must analyze and endeavor, but in the inner world you must stop all analysis and effort, and the problem is that we tend to bring the same external tools into the inner world. In the inner world, we must lay down these tools. You can't try to understand, because you can't understand; you can't do any work, because effort itself is a problem.

A state of inner harmony requires effortless effort.

In awakening consciousness, effort must be "effortless" and let me further clarify what I call "effortless effort". In a dark room, for example, you suspect a snake, and the person in the room may experience the same fear. Suppose someone takes out a flashlight and opens it to the snake, which is the part of the so-called "effort."

In the light of the flashlight, you know it's not a snake, it's just a rope. When you see that it's just a rope, you don't need time, no energy, no effort, you're free.

To take out a flashlight is to work hard, the actual "open" flashlight (produce light) is the Awakening blessing, then we saw the things there. "See" is the so-called awareness, let you see is the Awakening blessing.

So, as you "open" the flashlight, The Awakening blessing will "open" and let you see that it takes no time, no energy, no effort, and it happens automatically. There is nothing to do, this is called "effortless effort". "Effortless effort" is directed towards those who seek to awaken, to the inner world, with intent, effort and grace for the outer world and worldly achievements.

The outward intent is fulfilled and requires inner surrender.

We say that with intention and effort, then Grace takes over, which is purely for external things, not for the inner world. If you want to pursue the external wealth, must first have the intention, and the intention must be very very strong, and then to do their own efforts, because without effort, Grace will not respond.

After that, you say: "Well, that's all I can do." "You can't do anything anymore, so let go. Sometimes you set your intentions and work hard, but Grace still does not come, it means that you have not surrendered to the inner God. "Lord or God (or whatever you want to call it)!" Please take over and help me now. "It must be a sincere surrender.

Suppose you fall off a plane, if you want to live and you want to land on a beach, soft soil or other safe place, what else can you do besides being completely subservient? Grace has the opportunity to create miracles.

I did meet a pilot whose plane caught fire and was bound to explode, but strangely enough, the plane didn't explode, and he landed safely without a scratch. The pilot was a Christian, and he said, "My Lord Jesus has saved me." "His prayers are clearly very, very strong. When you entrust yourself with it, miracles happen when you understand that you can't do anything. But as long as you can do something, you have to do it, and you should not seek God's help. It is only when you say, "I cannot do it," that you pray and seek help, and grace is bound to come.

Surrender doesn't mean liberating your hands.

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