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I have sorted out some common SuSE Linux Gnome Desktop shortcuts and hope they will be useful to you!

Shortcut Key

Ctrl + shift + f (full screen window)

Ctrl + shift + n (New konsole window)

Ctrl + shift ++ (adjust the font size of the window)

Ctrl + shift +-(Small Window Font adjustment)

Ctrl + shift + 0 (adjust the font of the window to be normal)

Ctrl + alt + f1 (Terminal 1)

Ctrl + alt + f2 (Terminal 2)

Ctrl + alt + f3 (Terminal 3)

Ctrl + alt + f4 (Terminal 4)

Ctrl + alt + f5 (Terminal 5)

Ctrl + alt + f6 (terminal 6)

Ctrl + alt + f7 (X-window Interface)

Ctrl + alt + s (rename the session in the konsole window)

Ctrl + alt + d (display desktop)

Ctrl + alt + l (lock the screen)

Ctrl + alt + up/down (Switch Input Method)

Ctrl + alt + del (end session)

Ctrl + alt + Ins (to end or lock the current session to start a new session, some can try + FN key)

Ctrl + Alt + BackSpace (Force exit X-WINDOW)

Ctrl + alt + FN + p (adjust the window size)

Ctrl + F1 (display window)

Ctrl + f2 (display desktop)

Ctrl + prtscr (screenshot)

Ctrl + Home (display to window top)

Ctrl + End (display to the End of the window)

Ctrl + space (Switch Input Method)

Ctrl + shift (Switch Input Method)

Ctrl + l (= clear)

Ctrl + n (new window)

Ctrl + S (save the file)

Ctrl + q (Exit)

Ctrl + d (close konsole)

Ctrl + ESC (KDE guard)

Shift + direction key (Switch Under konsole)

Alt + f1 (show program menu)

Alt + f2 (Run Command)

Alt + f3 (display current window menu)

Alt + f4 (close current window)

Alt + f5 (Window options)

Alt + Left (Back webpage)

Alt + right (Forward webpage)


Very useful 3D Desktop shortcuts, hope to be useful to everyone!

Alt + move the scroll wheel up/down to make the window transparent/opaque

Program switching:

Alt + Tab: Switch the window in the current workbench

Ctrl + Alt + Tab: Switch the window in all Workstations

Cube rotation:

Ctrl + Alt + left/right arrow keys: Stereo desktop switch

Ctrl + Shift + Alt + left/right arrow keys: Move the activity window to the left/right workbench

Ctrl + Alt + left mouse button and drag: manually rotate the cube


Win + right-click: Zoom once

Win + move the scroll wheel up/down: manual scaling up/down

Adjust the window size:

Alt + middle mouse buttons

Water Wave Effect:

Ctrl + Win + move the mouse: move the cursor over the water (invalid by default)

Shift + F9: Rain points landed on your screen (cannot be stopped)


Win + left mouse button and drag: Save the selected area (picture saved on the desktop)

Brightness and saturation:

Ctrl + move the scroll wheel up/down: increase/decrease saturation (effective for desktop)

Shfit + move the scroll wheel up/down: increase/decrease the brightness (also effective for the desktop)

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