Suzhou Uber Uber driver award policy (April 18)

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Drop Express 2.5 times times, registered address:

How to register for Uber driver (national version of the latest most detailed registration process)/monthly income 20,000/No grab orders :

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car app: Uber details (100 RMB promo code: DL8T6):

People's Uber reward policy people's Uber award mainly by the recommendation Award, the Itinerary Award two parts of the 1 Recommendation Awards invite friends to register as a driver, friends to do 10 single is awarded 100 Yuan reward, at the same time, friends do full 10 you will also receive 100 Yuan award. 2 Double Prize Note: The maximum limit for each single award is ¥25. For example: This Saturday (charge 20% platform fee) generation of the Grand Master Group 2.2 times times the early peak. The driver Xiao Wang in the early peak did 1 single trip, the basic fare of 10 yuan. The total revenue for this single is 10* (1-0.2) *2.2=17.6 yuan
[group description]

Award multiplier is determined by the base fare for the week (minus the fare before the 20% platform fee) generation guru: Basic fare >=1400 Yuan
Martial arts master: Basic fare >=800: Basic fare >=300 yuan
[incentive prerequisites]
must meet the weekly rating of 4.7 stars and above, and when the weekly order rate of 80% and above, into a single rate of 70% and above, carpool second single into a single rate of 70% or more, when the week at least 8 single, To qualify for a trip reward.
Note: Suzhou Uber driver average rate is higher than 90%, into a single rate of more than 80%, a lot of opportunities, easy to take rewards. Set destination order reward settings Destination list "is not included in the reward itinerary of the
for example, 4/18 to 4/25 this week to reach the" generation of the guru "group conditions require 1400 yuan of basic fares. Master Wang's fare is 1500 yuan, his "set the destination" to receive a single fare of 300, the actual group reference fare is 1500-300 = 1200 yuan, did not reach the "generation guru" group standard. Rookie group check-in reward to do two a week to join rookie group. Rookie group in the first week can be 10 yuan to sign in to encourage. This week, the rookie group doubles the bonus as: 1 time times Note: 1. Newly activated drivers are automatically added to the rookie group and can be grouped normally after one week of registration. (New driver test period only this one week, sign in a week to challenge the guru of the highest reward) 2. If you do not sign in for 2 consecutive weeks, you will fall into the "rookie group", after the rookie group check-in 1 weeks, can also escape the group back to normal group. Premium Limousine Award Policy an unlimited period of time to meet the reward premise, each single award is 1.8 times times the fare, the award portion is capped at 50 yuan.

Note: If the limousine receives a list of people Uber, the reward will be calculated according to the people's Uber reward policy.
[Reward Prerequisites]*uberblack Limousine: Must meet: 1) When the weekly rate is 4.7 stars and above 2) when the weekly order ratio of 80% and above is eligible for all awards 3) when Zhou single rate (the singular/receiving total singular) 60%  and above 4) Online at least 8 hours a week 5) when the week is at least 8 single

Note: * Brush and Red Line behavior immediately seal the number and cancel the week all awards and fares

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Suzhou Uber Uber driver award policy (April 18)

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