SVN Construction and installation use

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It is important to note that subversion and TORTOISESVN versions of VERSUALSVN Server include are the same, or errors will occur.

TortoiseSVN is a free open source client for subversion under the Windows platform.

In general, we are talking about the configuration of the server, and then the use of the client, but on the tortoisesvn, but can be reversed. Because, if your request is not high, just want to use SVN version control in this machine or a trusted local area network, you can use TORTOISESVN only if you don't need to install SVN.

the next step is to talk about the use of TORTOISESVN.

1, download TortoiseSVN.

2, install TORTOISESVN. Very simple, "Next" can be. After installing TORTOISESVN, restart the computer. Now, you can use TORTOISESVN.

TORTOISESVN integrated with Windows Explorer, right-click in the Explorer to see the TortoiseSVN feature options.

3, install the Chinese language pack. Install the Download Chinese Language Pack installer. When you're done, in the TortoiseSVN right-click menu, in the Settings option, select Simplified Chinese.

4. Provide version management in this machine

TORTOISESVN can open a repository in the native or shared directory through the FILE://protocol, while TORTOISESVN also provides a convenient ability to create a repository, so we can directly use TORTOISESVN to build a version-controlled environment on the local or LAN.

It is important to note that the repository under the shared directory requires open read and write access to multiple people, so there is a problem with the security of the file.

(1) Create a repository.

(2) If there is no file system read-write error, the success prompt will appear, the repository initial file and directory information appears in the LEARNSVN directory.

(3) Select the TortoiseSVN menu "svn checkout" and the Repository URL address to fill in the file protocol. Set the checkout directory to OK. Set up a checkout directory.

(4) file management from the checkout directory.

Put the file in the checkout directory, TORTOISESVN will automatically determine the folder and repository status, select "SVN commit", you can check out the directory file and folder selection submitted to the repository.

The basic version management operation is not complex, if the security is not high, such local version management is suitable for some personal code history tracking, draft document management and so on.

Then we'll talk about VisualSVN Server.

1. Why use VISUALSVN Server instead of subversion?


Because if subversion is used directly, then on a Windows system, if you want it to boot with the system, you need to encapsulate the SVN server as the WINDWS service, and modify the configuration file to control the user rights, in addition to the Web-based "HTTP protocol" Access, general also install the configuration Apache, if is novice, is not very headache? and VISUALSVN serve integrates subversion and Apache, eliminating all of the hassle. Installation of SVN server has been encapsulated as WINDWS Service,apache server configuration is only in the image interface, specifying authentication methods, access ports and other simple operations, in addition, the management of user rights is also configured through the image interface.

2. Why not TFS?


Because we started with subversion and TORTIOSESVN, we didn't replace other software. As for TFS has not been used, in fact, I just read some of the article, I do not understand it.

is 3.VisualSVN server free?


Yes, VISUALSVN server is free, and VISUALSVN is charged. VISUALSVN is a client of SVN, integrated with Visual Studio, VISUALSVN server is the servers side of SVN, including subversion, Apache, and user and rights management.

OK, first install, always next.

Add a code base "Repository", such as:

Create a new code base, as shown in, and enter the code base name in the text box shown:

Then, add a User:

Then, add the user to the test just now:

OK, now check in the code with tortoise:

Try checking out again:

SVN Construction and installation use

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