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One, what is SVN?

SVN is a version control software that is used primarily for project management in the company. Here's an overview of the SVN usage process.

First, the project manager creates the SVN repository (where the project is placed) on the SVN server and registers the corresponding accounts for each project member. In the beginning of a project, the general project manager will put the project file in the warehouse, the member creates a new folder, right click on the folder, point checkout, the project checkout (download the project to local), and then the member in the project after writing the code, he does not need to send to other members or managers, You just need to do the following steps. One, right-click project folder Update (update), two, will write the code first right "add" right click "Commit" to the warehouse, the other members only need to create a new folder, and then on their own computer, right-checkout (the second start is the update) folder, You can download the code file that your colleague uploaded.

The following is a download and installation using the SVN customer service (i), download and install

Here is the download address, download, install the time all the way next is OK.

    TortoiseSVN's official download address:
(b) the use1. Get the account number and password with the project manager. Create a folder locally (native) (All in English, mine is created on D disk)

2, right-click the new folder, and then proceed as follows:

3, because it is the first time to import the project from the server, so you need to get the warehouse address with the project manager, and then operate as follows: The following arrow refers to the export of the project to which folder (generally do not change), export after the click OK.

4, after the success of our folder will have a tick mark, as follows:

5, when you open the folder you can see the current file of the project.

6. Upload the file to the repository.

When you need to upload your own code to the warehouse, you need to update the warehouse, and then put your code files in the project file, and then add, submit. The steps are as follows:

7, at this point, the SVN customer service end of the tutorial. is not very simple.

two. Download and install the SVN server and use it (i), download and install

SVN server Download:

Installation is just one way next.

(b) The use

  1, run VisualSVN Server Manger, the following is the startup interface: Right-click Warehouse (Repository), and then create a new warehouse. The steps are as follows:

The warehouse is created here ...

2, create a member, including setting the account name and password, the steps are as follows:

Here members are also created, in fact, a fixed number of operations, with more than a few times familiar.

Finally, you can start the project by assigning the account number and password.

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