SVN Error:can ' t find temporary directory (unable to create temp directory): Internal Error

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SVN client complains today when SVN submits the code

Error:can ' t find temporary directory:internal error
Error: Unable to find temp directory: Internal error
solution in the online Google, the same as the server is full of disk ...

Df-h View disk Information

centos/dev/mapper/cl-root 100% Solution /dev/mapper/cl-root 100%, Instant Meng, because I do not know what it is, online a trawl, Probably know that with the Linux system physical space allocation, LIUNX itself will have a log, I think it may be the log system occupies too much space.

Cache and log have to check, did not find anything big file, finally had to look for large files global.

Find/-xdev-size +100m-exec ls-l {} \;

Do not know when to come out so many ghost logs, violent deletion.


SVN is working properly.

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