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1. Commit failed ....... You have to update your working copy first


When multiple users modify the same file at the same time, other users have already submitted the file to the svn server before submission, resulting in this error. Solution: update the file in the work copy.


Update version to resolve conflicts


A. Execute the "Update" Operation in the current directory.

B. on conflicting files (right-click the selected file and choose tortoisesvn-edit conflicts to resolve the conflict ))

C. If you want to use the server version, right-click the differential content in the theirs window and choose use this text block (use this text block ).

Similarly, if you want to use the local version, right-click the negotiate button in the mine window and select use this text block (use this text block ).

D. Save the contents of the kingtuns.txt file after modification.

E. In User B's conflict directory, right-click the file and choose tortoisesvn-resolved ). The list of conflicting files is listed. If you confirm that the file has been resolved, click OK.



2. Commit failed; file already exists "submission failed. The file ** already exists


The version management system is very careful when changing the working copies on your computer. Before doing anything, it tries its best to write your intention to log files on your computer. However, if the operation is accidentally interrupted (for example, your computer crashes when a sudden power failure occurs), the log file record may be inconsistent with your final working status. One suggested solution: copy the file to be submitted to another directory, update the local file, and then store the copied file back for submission.


3. working copy '**' locked. Please execute the 'clean up' command


Before the Subversion client submits the content, it will copy and write logs locally to prevent other clients from performing operations again. If an error occurs during the submission process, there will be uncleared logs, to solve this problem, you need to perform the "clean" operation, sort the work copies on your computer, and clear the error log records so that you can continue the operation.


4. When you run clean up, the error "Subversion reported an error while doing a cleanup!" appears !" /'**/' Is not a working copy directory"


In this case, first Delete the temporary files under TMP in the hidden folder. SVN, and then execute clean up



SVN: commit failed (details follow ):

SVN: mkactivity of '/aanugdk /! SVN/Act/1f177b34-1601-... ': 403 Forbidden


Method 1: Modify the URL case.
SVN is URL-insensitive during check out and other operations, but can be case sensitive during commit/delete operations. Therefore, when setting the svn server path, note the case sensitivity.

Method 2: Modify the svn client adapter.
Eclipse preferences, team-> svn-> SVN interface: Change javahl to svnkit


Note: For SVN operations such as checkout, the URL is case-insensitive and can be case-sensitive in commit/delete operations. Therefore, when setting the svn server path, note the case sensitivity.


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