SVN folder Sn icons (updates, conflicts, etc.) are not displayed, svn Sn

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SVN folder Sn icons (updates, conflicts, etc.) are not displayed, svn Sn

For more information about SVN conflicts, modifications, addition, and check marks, folder icons are not displayed. For more information, see the information on the Internet. Most of the information is about modifying the settings of the icon, later, I carefully read the SVN built-in English instruction documents and thought that the modification method was still inappropriate.

The general explanations of Default, Shell, and None in SVN are as follows:

Default will open a listening thread, constantly listen for changes to the files under SVN, and "iteratively" will change the outer folder of the file to a sign of modification or conflict. This advantage is self-evident, but the disadvantage is that the thread will continue to run in a periodic manner, consuming the computer's memory resources. It is not real-time.

Shell appears in real time, but unfortunately there is no iterative modification, that is to say, a file in a folder is changed from a green pair to a red exclamation mark, the folder itself will not change, and it is still a green check mark.

None is not too long and no symbols are added.

Many Internet users say that changing the Default value to Shell is a permanent cure. After thinking about the cause of this problem, I think the Default may be slightly delayed. The specific solution is as follows.

In my case, the project team members should not understand the checkout as an export. The exported result is no different from the normal file, and naturally there is no symbol. In this case, naturally, it is to delete things and re-checkout;

In addition, it is re-written in SVN. Although it seems useless, there is no way to win. The write process may modify some of the configuration that was accidentally modified, and then re-checkout again, it may be signed.

What is the gray check mark displayed in the svn client file?

Green check: The following green check box is used for a new detected work copy. Indicates that the Subversion status is normal.
Red Chinese: After you start editing a file, the status changes to a modified one, and the icon reload changes to a red exclamation mark. In this way, you can easily see which files have been modified since the last update work copy. To be submitted.
Yellow exclamation point: if a conflict occurs during submission, the icon turns into a yellow exclamation point.
Gray check: If you set the svn: needs-lock attribute for a file, Subversion will make the File Read-Only until you get the file lock, read-Only files have this overload icon to indicate that you must get a lock before editing.
Yellow lock: If you have a file lock and the Subversion status is normal, this overload icon reminds you to release the lock if you do not use the file, allow others to submit modifications to the file.
Red Cross: this icon indicates that some files or folders in the current folder are planned to be deleted from version control, or a controlled file in the folder is lost.
Blue plus sign: the plus sign indicates that a file or directory has been planned to be added to version control.

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Incorrect SVN folder icon display

You can refresh the page and check whether the cache is not updated in time.

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